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The Algerian national team, holder of the continental title, drew in their first match against Sierra Leone, which made the event on media and on social communication more than the defeat of Egypt and Tunisia against strong Nigeria and Mali, while the stumbling of Algeria was not foreseen before the game for a team that has not lost more than 35 consecutive games, everyone nominates him to keep the crown, but he played one of his worst prime games since Djamel Belmadi took control of the national team in August 2019, before returning in the second half and controlling the ball and creating spaces and chances that the players could not exploit, in how confused they seemed in the final touch, fatigue and exhaustion, and in the first half suffocation from the heat and high humidity, as well as the presence of a great goalkeeper behind a wonderful Sierra Leonean defensive system. Djamel Belmadi apologized to the Algerian fans at the end of the meeting and considered in press conference that the result of the draw was negative and he took responsibility for the performance of his players.A great pressure that must be overcome, while some analysts considered that what happened in the first meeting will benefit the Algerian team, which should be better and stronger in the next dates, after realizing that the mission will not be easy in difficult weather conditions and difficult field terrain, and in the face of strong competitors all trying to overthrow him, as was evident to the Sierra Leone players when the referee blew the final whistle, they unleashed their joy with the well-deserved draw, which they considered a great victory. Other analysts believed that Belmadi had miscalculated in his technical and tactical choices in absence of the injured Zerrougui and Ben Nasser al-Muqab, for which he was forced to remove the trio in midfield, Feghouli, Belkibla and Brahimi at the beginning of the second half Mahrez, as well as the fatigue that hit the players, perhaps for the long journey from Doha in Douala, and their arrival in delay in Cameroon, which prevented them from adapting quickly to the hot climate and high humidity that affected the Sierra Leone team, accustomed to the tropical climate, and whose confrontation with Algeria was very motivating as will be the case with all teams who will face the African champions of Algeria. The Algerian fans, for their part, expressed their opinion social their feelings, their regret for the stumbling block, but they appreciated the circumstances, and they did not abandon their support for Belmadi and her puppies who were not defeated in their eyes even in the worst conditions. , which is the advantage of big, and in turn appreciated the continuation of the series of consecutive games without losing a team Technicians and players made their joys in three years, during which they captured African and Arab titles, and qualified for the play-off of qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and, above all, did not lose in the match against Sierra Leone and will be under positive pressure in the face of Equatorial Guinea, and loves challenges, difficulties and difficult and strong matches which is usually stronger. All in Algeria agree that the first match draw was a negative result, but everyone expects it to be technically and psychologically useful for the Algerian team, in how much will allow Belmadi to correct his options, and allow players to compensate and take all their skills to overcome the stumbling block and restore confidence in themselves in prediction of upcoming difficult games. On all teams, as the prime ten games in which was scored only one goal in every match, and no team has overcome another by more than a goal difference, which confirms the convergence of levels and the difficulty of winning in the matches of this difficult and tiring tournament, especially for the North African teams in In difficult climatic conditions in Cameroon, arbitration began to raise doubts after what happened in Tunisia – Match of Mali, announced by the referee before the 90th minute. Algerian journalist