Harmony Korine Teases Upcoming Venice Premiere ‘Aggro Dr1ft’ After Winning Pardo d’onore Manor Award

Harmony Korine Teases Upcoming Venice Premiere “Aggro Dr1ft” in Locarno

Harmony Korine, the renowned filmmaker, recently teased his upcoming premiere of “Aggro Dr1ft” at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival. This announcement came during the Locarno Film Festival, where Korine was honored with the Pardo d’onore Manor award for his outstanding achievement in cinema. His anticipation for the premiere was palpable as he expressed his excitement about the film, mentioning his departure from traditional filmmaking approaches. Despite this, he was confident that “Aggro Dr1ft” would make its own unique statement, potentially causing some controversy.

Harmony Korine Teases Upcoming Venice Premiere 'Aggro Dr1ft' After Winning Pardo d'onore Manor Award

“Aggro Dr1ft” Features Jordi Molla and Travis Scott

“Aggro Dr1ft” showcases the talents of Spanish actor Jordi Molla and renowned musician Travis Scott, marking their collaboration with Korine. The director has previously worked with Scott on “Circus Maximus” and also mentioned his friendship with Gaspar Noé, a surprise guest at the festival who ended up co-moderating Korine’s masterclass. Korine described the collaboration with Scott as a wild and crazy experience, emphasizing that it was a last-minute decision. Additionally, he shared insights into his humble beginnings and unconventional upbringing.

A Creative Journey from Unconventional Background

Korine was born into a commune in Nashville and grew up with a father who made peculiar documentaries about Southern moonshiners and circus people. He humorously added that his father also sold weed. Influenced by movies like “Police Academy,” “Porky’s,” “Smokey and the Bandit,” and “The Outsiders,” Korine quickly found his passion for filmmaking and started creating his own films. Despite not being an exemplary student, he received unexpected encouragement from a teacher who praised his writing skills. This validation motivated him to pursue his filmmaking dreams.

From Strange Documentaries to Filmmaking

Korine’s unconventional childhood and early-life experiences inspired him to transform them into a movie. Reflecting on his first script, he confessed that he had never written one before and initially estimated a week to complete it. Living at his grandmother’s house during that time, he humorously described her terrible cooking but acknowledged that it kept him going. His first acclaimed movie, “Gummo,” marked his directorial debut and showcased his unique filmmaking approach, which involved bringing actors and non-actors together in a room, giving them different directions, and capturing their raw and improvised performances.

Gummo’s Scandalous Reception

“Gummo” created controversy upon its release and gained attention from renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog. Herzog hailed Korine as “the last foot soldier in the army” after viewing the film. Korine also reflected on his friendship with Herzog, revealing a curious detail about the acclaimed director’s apartment. He mentioned that the only item in Herzog’s apartment was a photo of him wearing a trash bag at a young age. This amusing anecdote emphasized the unique bond between the two filmmakers.

Dreams, Michael Jackson, and “Trash Humpers”

Korine delved into the inspirations behind his later works, such as “Mister Lonely” and “Trash Humpers.” He discussed his fascination with a community of people who could freely choose their own identities. This led to his creation of a movie where iconic figures like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Charlie Chaplin coexist, residing in an obscure location and engaging in unconventional activities. “Trash Humpers,” on the other hand, aimed to be a film hidden and discovered in unexpected places, evoking a celebration of vandalism and chaos.

Harmony Korine’s Electrifying Filmography

In addition to his directorial endeavors, Korine has also appeared in films directed by Werner Herzog and collaborated with Larry Clark on projects like “Ken Park.” His controversial hit “Spring Breakers” was born out of his observations and experiences during a visit to Daytona and later Pensacola. Korine’s distinct and thought-provoking style led to the success of “Spring Breakers,” but he firmly stated that a sequel was not in the cards.

Engaging Audience Interaction

During the session, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions, prompting unexpected and entertaining responses from Korine. When asked about the absence of male nudity in “Spring Breakers,” he humorously shut down a fan by advising them to make their own movie with their own equipment. Additionally, he shared some valuable advice, cautioning against working with an alcoholic cinematographer.

Korine’s journey in filmmaking has been nothing short of audacious and boundary-pushing. His upcoming film, “Aggro Dr1ft,” is highly anticipated among film enthusiasts and is expected to deliver another unique and memorable cinematic experience.

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