Harris’ little girl’s heiress transforms Sass to the max in the cute gift opening video – Check It Out!

Tiny Harris and her cute baby girl, Heiress had a super adorable interaction in which the 3 year old child once again proved how sassy she can be. The mother and daughter duo could not choose the best bath bomb from all those that were part of their Christmas gift store.

That said, when a member of their family thought that his colorful gifts were in fact macaroons, the heiress did not hesitate to show him her sense of response.

In the clip that the proud mother posted, they were opening the gifts for the heiress and Tiny and T.I.’s daughter couldn’t decide which set she loved the most.

“Heiress, what do you say about your bath bomb?” Asked the mom in the clip that made its way to her IG stories.

The heiress wasted no time in arguing, “So I like … I don’t know which one is better.”

The Xscape singer then explained to her followers that the tot loves Target and Walmart, which is why the bath bombs were also under their Christmas tree.

At one point in the video, another child in the family took a set of bath bombs and exclaimed that they were “macaroons,” obviously excited by a soft, colorful desert.

It was then that Heiress turned his back to the maximum, putting a hand on his hip and explaining to him: “Macaroons? They are bath bombs. “

To emphasize the fact again, she repeated the second sentence, emphasizing that they were in fact bath bombs. “

And that was not all! In another clip of the child, she continued to probe what a smart cookie is when her mother asked where the bath bombs came from.


‘I do not know. Wait – I think it comes from Target “, the 3 year old girl told her singer mom.

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