Has Germany complied with Putin’s demands? Unveils a gas deal “in stall”.

Sources told Bloomberg that the Russian bank Gazprom had turned down a payment in rubles from a German trading company confiscated from Moscow.

Some gas deliveries in April and May in Germany and Austria were rejected even though the trading company – Gazprom Marketing and Trading GM&T – offered to pay in rubles, as requested by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This stems from the fact that GM&T was previously controlled by the German branch of the Russian state-owned Gazprom, but Germany acquired the unit in early April. Now, the payment in Ruble rejected indicates that Moscow is trying to shut down the German-controlled GM&T.

Sources told Bloomberg that the trading company, which is among several companies supplying gas to Germany, still is in talks with Gazprom Bank to carry out the deal, according to what Al Arabiya has seen.net.

The stalemate comes when the Kremlin uses its energy exports to take revenge on Western countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia for its war on Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Moscow cut off natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, causing gas prices to rise in Europe by 28% and increasing fears that Putin will target other countries on the continent.

Gazprom said the reason for stopping the gas was that both countries had not paid in rubles.

Meanwhile, 4 European buyers of Russian gas have paid in rubles for supplies, according to Bloomberg, which also said 10 European countries have opened accounts with Gazprom Bank to make payments in rubles.

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