Having dropped in number to just 14.. ‘Her Majesty’ sailing in Sudan?

That the Sudanese woke up, and their eyes did not see paper newspapers, as they are used to with every appearance of a new morning, could turn in a seismic event, but today it is no longer the case, as it happened to become a transitory event that hardly draws the attention of the few remaining to the ancient friendship with “His Majesty”. Since the circulation media it does not exceed 39,000 copies for political newspapers and 12,000 for sports and social dailies, against a population of over 40 million.

The absence of the vast majority of paper newspapers from distribution platforms in Sudan approached the jugular vein, as happened two days ago.

Recently the number of print newspapers has dropped from 40 to just 14 titles, mostly on politics and the rest on sports, social and entertainment.

This forced concealment was motivated by the paper crisis in light of the enormous increase in production and operating costs and the reluctance of commercial printers to print paper newspapers due to the impossibility of meeting their financial commitments due to declining revenues of distribution and advertising, the two main resources for the economies of print newspapers in Sudan.

The tragedy didn’t stop at that point, as several newspapers reported they were expected to stop publishing in the next few days.

Abdul-Azim Awad, secretary general of the National Press and Publications Council in Sudan, he told Al-Arabiya.net: (The paper newspaper crisis is very serious and requires rapid intervention by the competent authorities to avoid the specter of collapse. The situation has become unsatisfactory in the light of the decline in the volume of printed copies and distribution).

Awad attributes the current paper crisis to the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, because most of the printing paper is imported from Russia, in addition, paper importers have other problems of shipping, unloading and deportation from the port of Port Sudan in the Eastern Sudan to the capital, Khartoum. These factors have caused a crisis in printing paper.

Awad added to Al-Arabiya.net: (The economic and political crisis has cast a negative shadow on the institutions of the press. There is a notable decline in the volume of copies printed and distributed. Distribution outlets have also declined and many of them have deviated from showing newspapers to other purposes that generate higher profits There is also a tyranny of digital printing, the recipient now gets most of his news from it.

Othman Mirghani, publisher and editor-in-chief of “Al-Tayyar” newspaper, told Al-Arabiya.net: “The newspaper crisis is closely related to the economic crisis, and the greater the economic deterioration, the more the newspaper crisis. The current paper crisis occurred earlier during the closure of Port Sudan and caused the shortage of paper and forced blocking of newspapers).

Mirghani adds: (In the past the choice was made between the printing presses. Currently there are only two printing presses. Even political newspapers were in past about 20 newspapers published daily, currently do not exceed five newspapers).

The “owner of the current” does not seem pessimistic about the disappearance of paper newspapers in Sudan soon, and told Al-Arabiya.net: (I don’t expect paper newspapers to disappear next year, for reasons related to the printing operation of printers and paper importers, but at the same time I expect them to decrease, because publications are not regular it means losing readers all the time.

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