Hawks to fly in the sky of Oman

Today, Tuesday, at 7pm Mecca time, our team will be hosted by their Oman counterpart in the second round of the Asian qualifying finals for the 2022 World Cup, at the Sultan Qaboos Complex Stadium in Bausher, for the second group of these. qualifications.

Al-Akhdar shares the top of the group standings with Australia with 3 points in a game, with the goal advantage in favor of the Australian against our team and Oman, while Japan, Vietnam and China are still at zero points.

It is expected that the French Herve Renard will be able to count on the same squad that he played against Vietnam in the first leg that was held in Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia finished 3/1.

Renard will make small adjustments to the squad for the first round match, due to the absence of Abdullah Atif, injured against Vietnam.

Renard chooses between Ali Al-Hassan and Mohamed Kno, who replaced Atif against Vietnam, with the rest of the team installed.

Renard should also change the way he plays, in particularly a surprising form for the Oman team against Japan in the land of quest’last.

Al-Akhdar enters today’s match with three points, from a thrilling victory over his host Vietnam 3/1, after being a goal behind, and in the second half, our team came and scored three goals in once.

The Croatian coach Branko Ivankovic, on the other hand, should enter the Oman national team, with the same elements he played in the Japan match, in which surprised everyone by defeating the hosts with a 1-0 win.

In this match, Branko will arm himself with his experience in Gulf football, in particularly in Saudi football, in which in he previously coached Al-Ahly’s team.

The Oman national team stands out in the games played quest’year for the solidity of the defensive line, in how much he has conceded only two goals in four games, e in these matches were made no more than 8 attempts against the team’s goal, including 4 shots in the match against Japan.

The Oman national team is dependent on a roster of players from the local league, with the exception of one player who plays overseas, professional midfielder Jamil Al-Yahmadi in Qatar.

The Oman national team is distinguished by a group of players who possess vitality and tactical flexibility.

The match will take place in the presence of the masses, after the Omani authorities have agreed that 30% of the capacity of the stadium stands should be present, due to the precautionary measures imposed to combat the spread of the Crown, in addition to the fact that the football fan must receive two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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