He killed and laughed … frightening information about terrible Colorado

Days after the incident was up in Press reports reported that the last perpetrator of the attack in the US state of Colorado, Ahmed Al-Alaiwi Al-Issa, this week in a business in Boulder laughed as he shot his victims.

And American media revealed citing a woman in close that she heard the sound of bullets while a man was laughing, adding, “Bullets were close … we think he was laughing.”

The recordings, die were viewed by American media, according to police, showed that the young man was laughing at her.

Authorities recently confirmed that die Motives for the attack by immigrant Ahmed Al-Issa in Colorado are still unknown.

10 murder charges

It is noteworthy that die US police announced last Tuesday that a 21-year-old had ten murder charges related to the shooting in a grocery store in Colorado was exposed, however die The motives for the crime are still a mystery.

It was also stated that the suspect’s name was Ahmed Al-Alaiwi Al-Issa, from Arvada, Colorado, and that his condition is stable after being killed during a shootout with police on Monday afternoon in King Sobre’s shop in the city, 45, had been shot in the leg kilometers northwest of Denver.

The attacker was known to the security service

Meanwhile, new information revealed that the young Syrian who carried out the attack was already known to the FBI.

It turned out that he was connected to another person, die the office is investigating how in the New York Times quoted on Wednesday.

Biden supports the ban on offensive weapons

In addition, US President Joe Biden urged Congress after the accident in Colorado made a decision on firearms and expressed support for banning offensive weapons.

He said of the White House, “I don’t have to wait a minute or an hour to take logical steps, die in Saving future lives, and calling on my colleagues in the House and Senate to act. “Also prohibit offensive Weapons. “

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