He looked scared .. A suspicious video of the spokesman for the victims of the Beirut explosion

In a notable and suspicious video, the spokesman for the families of the victims appeared Explosion of the port of Beirut Ibrahim Hoteit, demanding the dismissal of the judicial investigator, Tariq Bitar, charged with investigating the horrific explosion that shook the Lebanese capital on 4 August, accusing him of being “politicized”.

In a written statement read by Hoteit, he announced that he would be leaving his position on the victims’ family committee, while appearing tense and looking upward more than once as if people were in feet on the other side.

He risks being threatened

At the same time, the sites of social network in Lebanon were buzzing with the video clip, in which hundreds of people commented on the video, suggesting that Hoteit had been threatened, especially since he had previously announced that he had been attacked by members of the Amal Movement (Hezbollah ally) and members of the Ain al-Tineh Palace Guard, seat of the Presidency. of the House of Representatives, while some families of the victims disputed these statements and suggested that Hoteit had filmed the clip under threat.

Activists also suggested that Hoteit was “in the hostage position” due to some threat, despite his denial of the matter.

Conflicting statements in the morning

Furthermore, some families of the victims asked that Hoteit’s video not be released, considering that his position stemmed from the pressures he was subjected to, and the aim was to divide the ranks of the families and disperse them.

For his part, William Noun, brother of Joe Noun, one of the victims of the explosion, said in a call with the Al-Hadath channel today, Saturday, that Hoteit had not communicated with the people since noon yesterday, Friday, noting that he spoke yesterday morning to the Al-Anba newspaper, releasing statements completely opposite to what was said in the last video. .

They cannot communicate with him

Noun also added that these are not Hoteit’s words, and people have great doubts about what he released and ask the security services to intervene to find out if he has been pressured or threatened to read. tale declaration.

He also confirmed that people have tried a lot to communicate with him from last night until today, but have not been able to reach him.

He stressed that the families of the victims fear for Hoteit’s safety, which for them is a priority before any investigative or judicial speech.

Noun also stressed that it is not possible for anyone to speak on behalf of the people without arguing with each other. He explained: “We are all, as people, under the roof of the law and with Judge Bitar and we support him.”

A statement to the parents

Relatives of the victims released a statement later today, confirming that they have placed their trust in Tariq Bitar, including Ibrahim Hoteit, whose speech has always been direct in this direction, noting that new circumstances appear to have led him to make his latest startling statement in their name, knowing that this position never represents them.

They also stressed that they are consistent in their previous positions regarding the trust they have placed in Bitar to take over the investigation into the case.

Interestingly, the Victims’ Families Committee was active after the explosion of sites.in, growing protests and monthly vigils, raising their voices for justice.

Clashes in Beirut

It should be noted that violent clashes broke out in the Lebanese capital on Thursday, reminiscent of the years of the civil war and triggered political tensions linked to the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut.

Beirut witnessed one of the fiercest clashes in recent years, in a dangerous escalation that threatens to plunge the country in a new crisis, just over a month after the formation of a government that should focus its work on developing a plan to get the country out of the cycle of economic collapse that has controlled it for more than two years. The clashes also resulted in the deaths of 7 people and the injury of 32 others.

He looked scared .. A suspicious video of the spokesman for the victims of the Beirut explosion

Members of the Lebanese army in Beirut on 15 October

Heavy bullets and heavy bullets

The roundabout of Al-Tayouneh, tens of meters from the Palace of Justice of the capital, where the office of the judicial investigator Tariq Bitar, in charge of investigating the explosion of the port, has been transformed in a theater of war which saw heavy shooting and heavy shelling and the spread of snipers on the roofs of buildings, despite the presence of army units and their implementation of a rapid deployment in thearea., which is one of the prime lines during the civil war (1975-1990).

As for this spark of violence, it began after elements loyal toHizb allah And the Amal Movement (led by the President of Parliament Nabih Berri) in front of the Palace of Justice to protest against Bitar and ask for his removal.

Supporters of the Amal Movement and Hezbollah near Beirut Palace of Justice on October 14 (Reuters)

Supporters of the Amal Movement and Hezbollah near Beirut Palace of Justice on October 14 (Reuters)

From Thursday evening thearea of the clashes was quietly controlled, in amidst a heavy army deployment, and roadblocks have been set up for auto and means in transit. So far, the army has arrested 19 people in relation to these events.


Interestingly, since his complaint against former Prime Minister Hassan Diab and former MPs and ministers, including two representatives of the Amal movement, and security officials, many fear that political pressure will lead to the dismissal of Bitar, similar to his predecessor. Fadi Sawan, who was removed in February after his accusations against political officials.

Tariq Bitar

Tariq Bitar

Several political forces criticize the course of the judicial investigation, but Hezbollah and its ally, the Amal Movement, constitute the spearhead of this position that rejects the work of the judicial investigator in case of explosion that the authorities attribute to the storage of large quantities of ammonium nitrate without protective measures. It turns out that multi-level officials were aware of the risks of keeping them.

A dispute also broke out within the government on Tuesday, with the Amal Movement and Hezbollah representatives who insisted on changing the judicial investigator, threatening to take to the streets. This happened after Bitar issued an arrest warrant in default against the former Minister of Finance and the current representative of the Amal Movement, Ali Hassan Khalil. The two sides refuse the government to hold any session unless it is dedicated to discussing the position of the forensic investigator in the blast that killed some 215 people and injured 6,500 others.

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