He saw an arrow shot by the killer of the five in Norway and missed the mark

A Norwegian, armed with a bow and arrow, launched an attack at six o’clock yesterday evening, Wednesday, in a small city of 26,000 inhabitants, of which he is originally from and resides, it is Kongsberg, 80 kilometers southwest of the capital, Oslo.

With his arrows he killed 5 people and wounded two others, perhaps with a knife he was with him too, one of them was a policeman, and the other carried him in His doctors found that their condition was not dangerous from the most violent attack that occurred in Norway for a decade, which Al-Arabiya.net concluded by reading the translations of what was mentioned on the sites web In some of his media, in the past year he has seen only 31 murders, most of which involved people who know each other, and there is no terrorism in none of them.

What attracted the attention of the media locals in Norway, as well as the world, was an arrow that the perpetrator of the massacre shot at one of them, who would have considered him the sixth victim, were it not for the fact that he missed the target and took office in a wooden wall of a building in the city center, according to what appears at the beginning of the video shown above, in which we find that the shooter released him from the bow while he was in a high place, because it leaned from top to bottom in the wall.

As for the police, who arrested the killer about half an hour after his attack, they did not release any information about him, except that he is a 37-year-old Norwegian and somewhat mentally ill, but he did not mention the details of what he suffers, but they believe that he did it himself, but no The terrorism hypothesis is excluded, and it all depends on the investigations on him, starting today, Thursday.

Hitler Fan Shot 77

What the stranger has committed so far has come, 3 months after Norway commemorated a sad memory, the 10-year passage from a massacre committed by a right-wing extremist, on which “Al-Arabiya.net”had previously published several reports, as he detonated a bomb in July 2011 in the center of the capital, then went to A summer camp for young people, they settled on the small island of Utoya, and there Adolf Hitler’s admirer Anders Breivik he identified those who participated in it, and began firing healing bullets at all who saw him, killing 77 people and wounding 319 others, before his arrest and sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Thus, Wednesday’s attack brought the memory of most of the 5 million Norwegians, who number 5 million, back to that horrendous massacre, according to the daily Aftenposten, without citing a source for what was said about the attacker, who was a “Norwegian who converted to Islam”, also reported by the local TV2 channel, without a source. Also … until further notice.

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