He swooped in with his knife. Surprised by stabbing the buyers in New Zeland

The day after the attack by a young man in his thirties in a store in New Zealand official authorities revealed surprising information about him.

Today, Saturday, he announced that the bomber, whose operation was inspired by the ideology of Isis, was called Ahmed Athel Muhammad Shamsuddin, of Sinhalese origin, and is 32 years old.

3 years of imprisonment

However, the surprise was that New Zealand authorities imprisoned him 3 years earlier, accused of adopting the ideas of the terrorist organization, after arresting him with a hunting knife and extremist video clips.

However, despite grave fears that he might attack others, he freed him, realizing there was nothing else he could do to keep him behind bars.

He swooped in with his knife. Surprised by stabbing the buyers in New Zeland

From the site of the attack in Auckland, in New Zealand (archive – Reuters)

Follow it for 53 days

However, for 53 days, starting in July, the police followed the man’s movements, in an operation that involved about 30 policemen at work 24 hours a day.

However, police fears were confirmed on Friday when a “lone wolf” entered in a shop in Auckland, snatched a kitchen knife from a store shelf and stabbed six people, three of whom were seriously injured.

While the undercover cops were out watching Shamsuddin, they immediately moved when they saw the shoppers running and heard screaming, shooting and killing him within two minutes of his attack.

Photo of the attacker

Photo of the attacker

The attack puts in light the shortcomings of New Zealand’s counterterrorism laws, which focus too much on punitive measures and insufficient to address plots before they are carried out, according to several experts, according to the Associated Press.

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