“He threatened to kill me.” Johnson reveals a phone call with Putin before the start of the Ukrainian conflict

Almost a year after the Russian military operation in Ukraine, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed, in a documentary details a “long and surprising conversation” he had with President Vladimir Putin last year, revealing that the Russian president “threatened him with death” before the operation began. military.

In his speech, Johnson clarified that he had warned the Kremlin boss about Western sanctions, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported.

Johnson revealed, in the documentary, that it will be broadcast by media British today, Monday, that President Putin “threatened him in somehow” before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, and told him: “Boris… I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile it will take a minute.” “.

Talk about a period!

The information added that Putin responded to Johnson during the conversation, saying, “Boris, you are saying that Ukraine will not join NATO in the near future. What exactly is the period being talked about?”

Johnson replied, “Well, he has no plans to join NATO in the foreseeable future. And you know it well.”

“A Complete Disaster”

The former British official also stressed in conversation with Putin that he will conduct the special military operation in Ukraine would be a “total disaster” and has promised that London will support the Kiev authorities.

Johnson believes that Ukraine’s accession to NATO is improbable and improbable, due to the positions of Germany and France on this issue.

Interestingly, Russia launched a military operation on the territory of its Ukrainian neighbor on February 20, in response to the intention of questlast to join NATO.

Since then, Western countries have sided with the Ukrainians, generously supplying Kiev with weapons and equipment, and imposed harsh sanctions on Russia that have made it the most punished country in the world, superior to Iran and North Korea.

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