Health experts warn "Buddy"

Health experts widely recommend drinking most types of tea to improve overall health, but some types actually have the opposite effect.

A group of studies have shown that there are types of tea that can harm your health, not improve it. In particular, a 2009 study found that a tea known as “mate” can increase the risk of three types of cancer.

This tea, which is an herbal tea made from the leaves and branches of the Paraguayan holly (Ilex paraguariensis), is known in South America, Syria and Lebanon, as well as in parts of Jordan.

Although yerba mate is believed to be good for health, a study by the Institute of Oncology in Argentina shows that this herbal tea may increase the risk of cancer.

In their conclusion, they wrote: “Several epidemiological studies appear to support a role for yerba mate in increasing the risk of cancer of the esophagus, larynx, and mouth. carcinogens in tobacco and alcohol. However, there is no reliable population-based case-control study of mate consumption as a risk factor for cancer.”

They added: “More research is needed before a definitive statement can be made on the cancer risks associated with any of the various forms of yerba mate consumption. Future research should include population-based studies by collecting data on tobacco, alcohol consumption.” , hot drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables, and developing a way to accurately measure the volume of mate and the temperature of what is being consumed.

While no definitive conclusion was reached on yerba mate in 2009, there is growing evidence that hot drinks can cause harm.

This is not necessarily related to the compounds in the drink, but rather to the temperature at which it is served.

A 2016 University of Southern California study assessed the impact of hot drinks on cancer risk.

Drinks that are over 65 degrees Celsius have been shown to increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

Associate Professor Marianne Stern said: “There is physical evidence that very hot drinks can contribute to esophageal cell damage and thus promote cancer formation.”

As part of their study, the team also assessed the effect of herbal tea on the likelihood of developing cancer.

Stern explained: “We were now able to more accurately evaluate the effect of yerba mate itself than the effect of temperature, and concluded that the observed association between yerba mate consumption and esophageal cancer appears to be due in large part to consumption of very hot yerba mate.” . associations have been observed for other very hot drinks such as tea or coffee.”

However, Stern said there is evidence that hot, moderate-temperature drinks can have positive effects on the body, as can coffee. Addendum: “For many types of cancer, we found clear evidence that coffee is not carcinogenic. In fact, we have found that coffee protects against certain types of cancer, such as liver cancer and uterine cancer.”

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