World Heavy rain and mudslides eliminate 8 in Bolivia

Heavy rain and mudslides eliminate 8 in Bolivia


 Seasonal rains trigger fatal floods and extensive damage in northern and western Bolivia[Reuters] < img alt =" Seasonal rains activate fatal floodsand comprehensive damagein northernand westernBolivia[Reuters]" src ="" title =" Heavy rain and mudslides eliminate 8 in Bolivia" >

Seasonal rains activate fatal floods and common damagein northern and westernBolivia[Reuters]

Civil defence authoritiesinBolivia reported on Tuesday that 8 people died after heavy rains, floods and(************************************************* )struck swathes of the country.

Torrential rainstorms activated rivers to overflow (**************************************************** )the departments of La Paz, Santa Cruz, Potosi, Beni, Cochabamba(************************************************ )Tarija. According to reports, some250 homes have in fact been affected by the floods.

Regionalmedia reported that(************************************************* )fixed least50 houses. In the after-effects, desperate citizens searched their harmed houses for ownerships.

This follows a moist weekendin Peru where heavyrain pounded northern(************************************************ )western parts of the nation, setting off rivers to break their banks and highways to flood.

Rain harmed the northern town of Tumbes, 1017 kilometres (632 miles) north of Lima, near the Ecuador border. Streets were flooded, cutting off traffic in many parts.

In Junin, 204 km (127 miles) east of the capital city of Lima, the rain triggered mudslides triggering comprehensive damage. Various fields were flooded and both the Canchamayo and Perene rivers overruned.

A regional of Junin whined that emergency scenario services employees did not respond to calls for assistance throughout the worst of the storms which happened over night.

” Last night, we were all asking for aid however nobody came. We called person security; we called civil defence – nothing, absolutely nothing. They didn’t come up until morning when a neighbour’s wall fell,” he stated.

Peru is in the middle of its rainy season, which typically extends through April. Bolivia’s damp season ranges from November till March.


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