Hegazy apologized after talking to the players of the Egyptian national team: “The expression betrayed me.”

Ahmed Hegazy, the rock of the Federal Defense and the Egyptian national team, apologized for what he said to his fellow Egyptian Olympians, after the 1-0 defeat by Brazil and the exit from football competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. Hegazy confirmed that the expression betrayed him, when he said: “The ball does not stay”, explaining that “the ball is the basis of life for all players, even after retirement”. Hegazy wrote through his personal Twitter account: “I am very sorry if the expression in the video of my words with the players after the game betrayed me. in a phrase that “the ball does not stay” because the ball is the basis of the life of all players, even after the retirement. “Hegazy explained:” It was planned after the tournament, and we continue to respect each other even after the defeat, and they complete their careers and meet in first team. “Hegazy began his speech by saying,” Our goal was to end our tournament journey with an Olympic medal for our country. But praise God for everything. “It should be noted that the Egyptian team’s matches at the Tokyo Olympics confirmed Hegazy’s physical and technical readiness to start the new season with Al-Ittihad in the best possible way. Hegazy should join the training of Al-Ittihad after the return of the team’s mission to Jeddah from the Austrian camp.

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