Helena Bonham Carter Slams ‘Obsession’ with Ageing: ‘It’s a Dirty Word!’

Helena Bonham Carter has criticized anti-aging culture, saying that it has made us “obsessed” with growing old and viewing it as a “crime”. The award-winning actress, 56, believes that we need to “change our societal rules” so that being in our 60s is seen as our “prime”. Bonham Carter added that she may be less aesthetically pleasing than when she was younger, but she is “miles happier” now.

In her new ITV show Nolly, Bonham Carter plays Noele ‘Nolly’ Gordon, who was axed from Crossroads in her early 60s. She said that every magazine, Instagram, and anything else is about not aging, and it is seen as a “dirty word”. Bonham Carter believes that we should be worrying about other things than our physical appearance and that she is much more interesting and dynamic now than when she was younger.

The actress also believes that her career has not been impacted by aging, and that the industry is improving. She said that she is lucky to have been offered one of the best parts she has ever had at her age, and that it is getting better for everyone due to the number of streaming services. Bonham Carter concluded that it is the age of television and that all sorts of things are being made.