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Helipad, jacuzzi and mini golf . Look at theauto longest in the world!

Nicknamed “American Dream”, the super limousine was “stretched” to 30.54 meters. The Super Limo, which features a hot tub, mini golf, helipad and even a plunge pool, as well as many appliances such as a TV, refrigerator, and telephone, is theauto tallest in the world and was originally developed 35 years ago.

3 years for repair and renewal

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the limousine can be driven from both ends, seats more than 75 people and has 26 wheels.

L’auto world’s longest was first developed in Burbank, in California, in 1986 by famed automobile designer Jay Orberg, was 18.28 meters long and was equipped with a pair of V8 engines at the front and rear.

The project to extend the length of theauto longest in the world cost more than $ 250,000 in goods, materials and labor in three years.

Helipad withauto longest in the world


Considered one of the auto most recognizable of all time, the long-haul limousine was often hired to appear in many movies.

But after the world has lost interest in it, theauto legendary it remained for years and began to rust until the parts were irreparable.

Previous and current owner

L’auto it was originally developed from two sections and joined in the center with a hinge for tight curves. “The heliport is structurally mounted on theauto with brackets in steel underneath and can carry up to two and a quarter tons.

in the museum

Although the super limousine has come out of the warehouse after a complete refurbishment and development, it will not run on the roads, because it is too tall, as it was “designed to be shown” and is already in exhibit at the Dezerland Park Orlando Automotive Museum in Florida.

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