Herds of cattle are also paying the price of the war in Ukraine

On a farm in northern Ukraine, a frightened heifer has limped since a splinter from a shell amputated its hind leg – an ordeal that is reminiscent of the hefty price animals pay. in war.

A four-month-old female survived the bombing that almost completely destroyed a farm in the village of Mala Rogan, 25km southeast of Kharkiv (east) and killed nearly a third of the animals.

It’s a “nightmare night” experienced by 62-year-old farm owner Lyubov Zlobina, who says she was “haunted by the screams of cows burned alive” in the barn on March 26, as the Russians tried to tighten their grip.area.

“I’m holding on to this little survivor, but I’ve given her antibiotics twice, and unfortunately her wound is still bleeding and she’s no longer gaining weight,” says Zlobina, as the sound of bombs can be heard from afar.

“It could be solved if we can remove the splinter, but for surgery we have to get it very far and we can’t,” he says. Husband of hers, who was a chauffeur in Afghanistan in the ranks of the Soviet army, showed AFP on his mobile phone some videos taken on the night of the tragedy.

“We ran in all directions when we came out of the basement, “says Mikolai Zlobin, 57, because the straw caught fire immediately. The bombing resulted in the beheading of a cow who was giving birth to her young.