Here are our 5 favorite upcoming Games in September 2021

“Bravely Default II”

After several years the time has come and die The Bravely series gets a third part on Nintendo Switch with “Bravely Default II” from 2 September. This time you will accompany four new heroes on their journey to keep the world balanced with the help of the four elemental crystals. In search of the crystals you will in In turn-based RPG battles, you have to decide whether you want to risk it all or better in die Go defensive. If you collect “asterisks”, your troops gain access to new jobs and thus improve their combat skills. How exactly you experience the game remains your decision as always.

“Surgeon 2”

“Surgeon” could be known to one or the other. Particularly loyal fans of Pewdiepie will remember this game, but many other Youtubers from English-speaking countries also enjoyed the operations simulator in 2013. “Surgeon 2” is now September 2nd. in at the starting blocks and, as is well known, he thrives on his speed and chaos. The novelty, however, is the multiplayer and story mode. Up to three other surgeons can now help you out. It will go wrong, right? You can set up your floor together as you and yourself like it online get feedback from other players.

“Life is Strange: True Colors”

Anyone who thought of Cyndi Laupner’s song when they heard the title has die The mood of the Square Enix production is already well captured. As always, “Life is Strange” is about refined stories and deep characters. This time, Alex Chen tries not to get overwhelmed by the feelings of others and to find out why his brother lost his life in the Colorado mountains. Once again it shows die The “Life is Strange” series has excellent picture quality and attracts fans after the first few seconds in the spell, because the game can tell a story correctly. It will take until September 10, and then for die console PS, die Xbox and PC will be available.

Ryan, Alex and Gabe stand next to each other

“Aragami 2”

Anime and ninja fans will get their money’s worth with “Aragami 2” on September 17th. In a very quirky and cool style, the design of the character is reminiscent of Japanese kitsune, the insidious spirits of foxes and other creatures of Japanese mythology. The Aragami have die Ability to control shadows. Basically, they make a living doing jobs to protect their village. There are tons of things to do as a killer. However, it is also important to free the enslaved Aragami from the hands of the invading army. In multiplayer mode, you can play with up to three players on behalf of the shadow clan in Act in this game.

“World War Z: Aftermath”

World War Z: Aftermath“It is scheduled for September 21 and is a cooperative shooter in you have to fight against a horde of zombies. The game is based on the Paramount Pictures movie of the same name and is now in release with Aftermath in die next hot phase. New positions in which you will fight your battle are Rome, Vatican City or among others die Russian Peninsula of Kamchatka. A new melee combat system, new special attacks and story episodes await you on console PS, XBox or PC.

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