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Here Are Profitable Crypto Trading Strategies You Should Know


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that holds a rather risky yet profitable currency. These cryptocurrencies have a foundation of blockchain technology in the Digital euro definition. They are not dependent on banks and, in some cases, do not leave traces of transactions.

Now, coming to talk about the types of cryptocurrencies there are some to name. Read to know further. Here are some examples of cryptocurrencies mentioned below:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple

Next, diving into one vital aspect of cryptocurrency trading strategies, the “Intraday Trading” shows up in the picture. There is something called day trading that applies in the stock market. In this strategy, the buying and selling of these currencies are done on the same day. In “Intraday Trading”, the bitcoins or cryptocurrencies are accessible seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Understanding crypto market

In the market’s current situation, you need to understand only two conditions. This will give you a clear picture of what you can expect from the investment in the cryptocurrency market: Read on to know further in depth about the basics of the cryptocurrency market and to have an overall better understanding, too.


It is no doubt the cryptocurrency traders or investors come into the world of cryptocurrency investment platforms to make quick transactions and make profits overnight. However, with low liquidity and slippage, one can lose their profits as well.


So, what is volatility? In this situation, the market is stagnant. That means that the prices usually don’t fluctuate that much and as a result, the traders cannot sell your asset at the varied price from when they bought it.

Profitable Crypto Trading Strategies – Here Is A Quick Look

The market of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ever rising and falling. An easy strategy of turning digital currencies into profits is mining bitcoin and holding on to them. When the time is right, and you see the market fluctuate into its high rise, that is when you sell your mined coins. Although this has happened before and has been very effective in some cases, the market does not guarantee. It is not necessary that you will continue to do so just because you have had some profits in the past. Hence here are some profit-making strategies of cryptocurrencies:

Range trading

Range trading is dependent on the analysis of experienced traders who have been in the market for a while. The range trading provides resistance value and support value every day. The range trading is mainly helpful for beginner traders; they mainly follow those pointers and make their best bet in their cryptocurrency investment.

High-frequency Trading or HFT

This is a high-level trading strategy that traders use. High-level algorithms and trading bots calculate profits and losses. These bots enter and exist as a crypto asset very quickly. They can express a huge chunk of trades very fast. They will develop strategies to help the traders profit more money. This involves much skill concerning computers and science and maths. The workings are needed to be followed through complicated algorithms, which are not ideal for beginners. Hence such algorithms are mostly followed by traders, especially the experienced ones.

Technical aspects

Last but not the least, technical analysis is done among the traders to predict the next steps of the crypto prices. Development of numbers and charts are ensured to understand the upcoming steps. RSI or relative strength index is the most common and popular way of conducting this analysis. In this analysis, a scale from 0 to 100 exists. Diving more about the aspect, the closer the RSI goes to 100, have more the chance of the prices falling, which means it is the best time to buy. On the other hand, when the RSI goes close to 0 which indicates a chance for the prices to rise.


Therefore to conclude, investing in cryptocurrencies could be very difficult and confusing, therefore it is important that every cryptocurrency investors mind the involved risk factors as well. It is the experienced traders who will make the most out of their investment in cryptocurrencies. Digital currency is getting widely popular and it is about time that it falls into the mainstream trading market.


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