Here is The Solution to the Blue Screen of Death Problem Caused by the Windows 11 Upgrade

Get it together, Microsoft!

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Windows 11 22H2, released to the public on September 20, must be placed back in its cage. The rough-around-the-edges Update is wrecking PCs. It has been dropping frame rates for Nvidia GPU-owning gamers and causing the disastrous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) for some users.

According to our sister TechRadar, PCs outfitted with Rocket Lake processors, the previous-generation 11th Gen CPUs, are affected. Don’t worry if you’ve been having this problem; a remedy is available.

Why does the Windows 11 upgrade cause the Blue Screen of Death?


Some Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) audio drivers for Rocket Lake CPUs conflict with the Windows 11 22H2 upgrade. More precisely, driver IntcAudioBus.sys with a file version of or is at blame, according to a Microsoft study released on September 22 (opens in new tab). Users are now experiencing the BSoD, a halt fault resulting in the system shutting down due to a fatal malfunction.

What does an Intel SST audio driver do?

Credit: Intel

Thanks to an inbuilt digital signal processor, it controls interactions, including voice, speech, and audio. To check if you have this feature, navigate to Device Manager and search for Intel® Smart Sound Technology (Intel® SST) Audio Controller.

Thankfully, according to Windows Latest, Microsoft took steps to block affected PCs from the incompatible Windows 11 update.

Fixing Windows 11 update Death-screen blues
Microsoft advises upgrading the relevant Intel SST driver, which is dependent upon the maker of your system, to resolve this BSOD issue. Visit the website of your OEM to download the latest version, or go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and select View Optional Updates.

Users should now have the chance to go around the block and upgrade to Windows 11 without any problems after updating to a version newer than or

Microsoft is reportedly working on releasing a new version that fixes the terrible issues with Windows 11 22H2, according to Windows Latest.

Credit: Microsoft

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