Here’s how Barcelona have it in plans to restore Messi after the World Cup

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Many newspapers and sites web Catalans have said that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has not closed and will not close the practice to restore legendary goal scorer Lionel Messi, as long as he starts the first serious attempt, immediately after the end of the flea’s role with his Argentine national team in the Qatar World Cup 2022, in other words, in the next winter market, according to the newspaper “Sport”. The Blue Grana-affiliated newspaper said in a report entitled “Barcelona’s plan with Leo Messi”, which after the setback of the early exit from the Champions League for the second consecutive year, which coincides with the eighteenth anniversary of his appearance with Barca, the president Laporta has started to speed up the legend’s return plan, hoping in a miracle, and his dream of seeing Leo at the Camp Nou in January comes true. The same source said that the president’s lawyer will be unleashed after the World Cup, indeed he will make an official offer to his Qatari counterpart Nasser Al-Khelaifi, to bring Messi back to his former club mid-season, so that he can benefit from the advantage of simple fair conditions play financial in the winter window, along with the capacity of the club to support their salary after having activated the last economic levers, testifying to the tragic economic situation in where the entity was located in that moment of separation from the historical star. The author of the report, Albert Masno, acknowledged the impossibility of completing the deal in the Winter Market, for several reasons, including the lack of intention of the club Parisian to do without Messi, not in a near or even distant future, as well as the great tension in the relations between the two club for years, and before that, Messi’s focus on his fantastic season in the “Garden of Princes”, and his reluctance to sacrifice the chance to win the Champions League, to get back to the point zero participating in the Europa League with his ex clubin the clear indication that the only hope for the club Catalan, it will be after the expiration of his contract in summer. The report referred to what has been called “distancing” between Laporta and sporting director Matteo Alemani and between Leo and his environment, with the cessation of communication between the president and Messi from the farewell conference of summer 2021, which complicates the planned idea. from the cluband it makes it seem almost impossible in this moment, in support of the unilateral Another for the same newspaper, on prime moves by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, to ensure that the Argentine star’s future is secured for another two seasons, based on the fact that he is a godsend, and they want Paris to benefit from it until 2025, after the huge profits that the club of the capital gained from Liu’s image rights in his first season, at L’artistico benefits from his creativity and genius touch, especially after adapting to the atmosphere of the Garden of Princes in this season. It is known that Paris Saint-Germain signed Leo Messi last year, on a parameter basis zeroafter the expiration of his contract with Barcelona, ​​and the administration’s inability to bear his hefty salary, and in his first season, he has scored just 11 goals plus 15 assists since his participation in 34 you leave, while in this season he managed to score 11 goals and 12 key passes in 16 matches in various competitions.