Here’s how he came back in Premier League the magic of Mahrez

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: British press sources have revealed the reason for the return of the Algerian Superstar, Riyad Mahrez, to the starting lineup of his Manchester City at the level of the English Premier League matches, after a not short period of abandonment, during which he sat down in Benched 12 times out of 18 games. The celestial team fought in the campaign to defend the Premier League title. For its part, the “Manchester Evening Newspaper” linked the disciplinary punishment inflicted by the philosopher Pep Guardiola on the English duo Phil Foden and Jack Grealish, after they had been spotted in a nightclub in the hours following the large seven o’clock victory over Leeds United, despite strict instructions to stay away from crowded or confined places in this moment, and between the return of the captain of the Algerian national team to the main strength in the recent victory against Newcastle United in his home, “St James Park” with a clean four. And the source explained that regardless of Guardiola’s punishment for the English duo, the desert warrior will most likely not leave the starting lineup before joining his team’s camp. in preparation for the African Cup, although Pep is satisfied with what he has done in the city armies by seating in Foden and Grealish bench for the full 90 minutes, not only for Mahrez’s commitment and professionalism outside the green rectangle, but also for his impressive level and clear impact on the team’s results in Champions League and every time he has he has had his chance in Premier League, as he has done in his last two games against Leeds and Newcastle United. As usual, Mahrez contented himself with answering his coach practically in field, scoring two goals and doing the same from his participation in all 90 minutes against Leeds and 77 against Maccabees, on 4 goals and 3 assists from his participation in 6 games as a starter and 8 as a bench, compared to 4 games in which did not register appearances in the first 18 rounds of the championship. And from time to time in so much the Catalan coach is the object of harsh criticism, sometimes going so far as to accuse him of racism towards the Algerian champion, especially when the scene of questlast seated in bench in the clashes of the local weekend, even if at the continental level, does not leave the basic formation in the evenings of the Champions League except for urgent circumstances. The 30-year-old arrived at the ‘Etihad’ stadium in the summer of 2018, hailing from Leicester City in a big deal that has relaunched the Fox Treasure with over £ 60 million, e in this period he scored 50 goals for the team as well as 41 assists from his participation in 165 games in various competitions.In addition to its seven collective titles, the most important are the Premier League twice. It should be noted that Riyad Mahrez will leave his club English in prime 48 hours of the new year, to meet the call of the fatherland, in view of the finals of the African Nations, which will be hosted by Cameroon from January 9 to February 6, and the champion in charge will follow him facing Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea, and then clash with the Ivory Coast to determine the identity of the leaders of group E, who will face the second of group D, which includes Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan and Guinea Bissau .

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