Here’s how the court put it in doubt Apple’s concerns about the Mac system

During Apple’s trial against Epic Games, Craig Federighi argued that tight control of the App Store was required to protect the iPhone. But Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers was not convinced.

In his opinion, he wrote that Federighi may have been Amplify the truth about Mac malware problems For the good of society.

Federighi raised serious doubts as to whether the company would be in able to protect iPhones without the app review system in its current state.

Federighi said macOS security is poor. But the judge does not believe that Federighi has elements to support his statement.

While Federighi’s views on macOS malware may seem reasonable, the judge said. But it appeared for the first time in a trial, suggesting that it amplifies the truth for the good of society. He testified during filing that he has no data on relative malware rates among documented Mac apps versus iOS apps.

He added: “During the trial, he admitted that the company had tools to collect malware data for Mac only, not iOS, which raises the question of how he knew the relative rates.” Apple had long presented macOS as being safe from malware prior to this lawsuit. The court, therefore, does not attach much importance to Federighi’s testimony in this subject.

The judge said Federighi was trying to make macOS look bad in so that iOS could shine, without many prove. After discussing the documentation and reviewing the apps, I concluded that Apple could implement a macOS-like system without compromising iOS security.

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