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Here’s Whether Faye & Teddy Are Still Together After They Came in 3rd on ‘Love Island’

Faye, Teddy, "Love Island" UK

After almost breaking up twice in the villa, fans want to know whether Faye and Teddy are still together from Love Island UK season 7 or whether their issues were too much for their relationship in the outside world.

But before we dive into Faye and Teddy’s relationship now, let’s explain how Love Island works for those who don’t know: Love Island, which originally premiered in the United Kingdom in 2005, starts with 10 or so singles who are invited to a villa on a tropical island with the hopes of finding love. Within seconds of meeting each other, the contestants are asked to couple up. As couples, the contestants are required to sleep in the same bed and complete challenges with each other. As the season continues, more contestants are invited to the villa, and islanders already there have to make a choice about whether to stay with their current partner or couple up with someone new.

Each week, there’s a re-coupling, and the contestants who aren’t in a couple are sent home. In the end, the public votes for their favorite couple among the finalists, and the winner receives a cash prize. On Love Island UK, that prize is 50,000 pounds. However, the money doesn’t go to the couple as a whole. Instead, it goes to one person by random draw. That person must then decide whether to share the money with their partner or keep it for themselves. Love Island UK premiered in 2005 but was rebooted in June 2015, which is when it became the show fans know today. Season 7, which premiered in June 2021, was filmed at a villa in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca.

What was Faye and Teddy’s relationship like on Love Island UK?

Faye Winter, a 26-year-old lettings manager from Devon, was one of 10 original contestants on Love Island UK season 7. She coupled up with Brad at the first coupling and then with Liam at the next recoupling. Teddy Soares, a 26-year-old senior financial consultant from Manchester, joined as a bombshell on day 12. Despite connections with both Kaz, Rachel and Sharon, Teddy chose Faye to couple up with at the next recoupling. Faye and Teddy had a strong relationship until Casa Amor in week 5, when Faye was sent a postcard with a photo of Teddy kissing another girl. At the end of Casa Amor, Teddy chose to stay loyal to Faye and returned to the villa alone, while Faye recoupled with new boy Sam. During the recoupling, Faye and Teddy fought, with her accusing him of kissing another girl. Teddy explained that he kissed another girl in a game but stayed loyal to Faye. He also told her that he slept in a day bed the whole time he was in Casa Amor and not with a girl.

In the end, Faye, who also slept in the day bed the first two nights the new boys were in the villa, apologized for her reaction to the postcard of Teddy, and the two recoupled at the next recoupling. Teddy and Faye had another almost-breakup after the “Mad Movies” game in week 6, where the islanders watched footage of themselves from the show. Faye watched a video of Teddy telling Clarisse that she was attractive in Casa Amor, which set her off and almost ended their relationship. She accused him of not being honest to what happened in Casa Amor. Teddy explained that it’s normal for people to find other people attractive, but that didn’t mean he wanted a relationship with Clarisse. Faye and Teddy’s drama lasted for a couple episodes until Faye had a conversation with Millie and realized that she overreacted During their last one-on-one date, Teddy asked Faye to be his girlfriend, and she accepted. At the Love Island UK season 7 finale on August 23, host Laura Whitmore announced that Faye and Teddy had come in third place. According to the Daily Mail, Faye and Teddy received 14.85 percent of the votes.

Image: Courtesy of ITV.

Are Faye and Teddy still together from Love Island UK?

So…are Faye and Teddy still together after Love Island UK season 7? The answer is yes. After the finale, Faye took to her Instagram Story to confirm that she and Teddy are still together and will continue their relationship outside of the villa. “Me and Teddy have just gotten our phones back. We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that’s supported us. We will all see you in the UK!” Faye said in a video as Teddy hugged her from behind. Teddy, for his part, also confirmed that he and Faye are still together by reposting her video and tagging her.

Love Island UK is available to stream on the ITV Hub. Here’s how to watch it in the US.

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