Here’s why NFL free agency hasn’t involved any XFL players

The XFL season was canceled midway through its first year due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving the players in the league free to sign with NFL teams … or so we believed.

Soon following the XFL’s statement of a canceled season, reports began being available in stating players might sign “immediately.”

The XFL has actually encouraged players they can sign right away with teams in the NFL or any other league when their exit physicals are total tomorrow, per sources. For the stars– Josh Johnson, P.J. Walker, Jordan Ta’amu, et al.– a possibility to land rapidly.

— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) March 13,2020

However it ends up that’s not the case.

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The NFL sent out a memo to all of its teams on stating, “they were not permitted to discuss possible employment with players under contract to the XFL,” including this “prohibition remains in effect,” per ProFootballTalk.

Update: The NFL informed clubs this evening it “is working with the XFL to finalize procedures to permit NFL clubs to sign XFL players.” In the meantime, NFL clubs stay restricted from talking about work with players under agreement to the XFL, which ended its season due to the fact that of COVID-19

— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) March 18,2020

Prior to needing to cut its season short, the XFL had a stringent policy when it pertained to letting players sign up with theNFL The league rejected letting Landry Jones, Josh Johnson and P.J. Walker sign up with interested NFL teams prior to the start of the XFL season. The XFL desires its players to ultimately play in the NFL, however not while they’re under agreement.

The coronavirus scenario has actually made things tough, nevertheless. XFL agreements lasted from Dec. 3, 2019 to May 31, 2020, so technically players are still under agreement in the XFL in spite of the reduced season. A memo sent to players on March 12 (when the season ended) informed them, “Pursuant to the XFL standard player contract, all players who receive a written request to negotiate, and/or sign, a contract with any professional football team will be released from their contracts upon executing an XFL notice of termination.”

Basically, the XFL will permit players to sign with NFL teams, however they’re still technically under agreement up until May31 The NFL is most likely informing its teams to keep away for legal factors, simply to be safe.

As NFL Media’s report states, the 2 leagues are working to make it possible for players tosign Anticipate some sort of upgrade within the near future.

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