Hezbollah “captures” the government of Lebanon with an Iranian punch . by blackmailing its ally

In addition to the financial, economic and political meltdown, the year 2021 ended for the Lebanese with the interruption of government work for more than two months after its inception due to a veto imposed on its sessions by the Shiite duo Hezbollah and the Amal movement, linking the release of his families to the dismissal of the criminal investigator in the crime of the explosion of the port of Beirut, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar.

There is no indication on the horizon that the new year will begin by putting the government train back on track to begin “rescue” missions, despite contacts and consultations led by the first and third presidencies under urgent sustenance rumors that they demand a government meeting, due to the Shiite duo’s insistence on their position on the judicial investigator and to link their return to the cabinet table by removing him from the investigation file.

Rather, the situation has further worsened with the fiery statements released yesterday, Sunday, by the Free Patriotic Movement, Hezbollah’s Christian ally, through its president, former foreign minister Gibran Bassil, alluding to his rejection of the party’s positions and the policy of blackmail or bargaining practiced.

Stressful life files

At the center of the government scene, in which the two parties, Hezbollah and Amal, are trying to draw their own rules according to the Al-Bitar equation against the government, Prime Minister Najib Mikati is counting on the imminent housing and financial crisis to be an incentive for political parties to return at the government table for approval quickly after they were studied within the ministerial committees he formed to replace the government shutdown.

In context, the former minister, deputy Nicolas Nahas, who is close to the prime minister, told Al Arabiya.net that “the overwhelming dossiers on livelihoods that have been studied within the ministerial committees and have now been completed could constitute a” necessity “or a prelude to political solutions for the work of the government.”

And he considered: “The pressure of living issues that need a government meeting will impose itself on political consultations to activate their work,” saying: “Mikati cannot afford the political forces participating in his government to fulfill his call to activate their work. “

On the part of the Presidency of the Republic, the position in about the upheaval of the government remains within the “auspices” for the return of order to their work without there being an initiative for a solution, as was evident in the message sent by President Michel Aoun to the Lebanese in the occasion of the holidays, where he stressed “the need for the meeting to meet the government, saying:” By which sharia, logic or constitution are you upset? “, calling for an end to the deliberate, systematic and unjustified disintegration that leads to the dismantling of institutions and to the dissolution of the state.

In context, Presidency sources told Al Arabiya.net: “Aoun wants the government to meet today before tomorrow, but it seems that its president is evading the request for a session to avoid further political conflict, because every invitation will be welcomed by the Shiite duo of the boycott.” .

Don’t communicate with the Shia duo

The sources also clarified that “at the moment there is no communication between the President of the Republic and the Shiite duo to deal with the government’s obstruction”.

Moreover, he specified, “The ball calling for a session of government is in the Mikati field, while the boycott ball is in the field of the Shiite duo. Unfortunately, the positions of the interested parties are unchanged, which indicates that there is no solution. in view. . “

Despite the need for the Lebanese to meet with the government to approve urgent living dossiers related to their livelihoods and purchasing power, eroded by the insane hike in the dollar exchange rate on the black market, which opened the new year to a price that exceeded 28 thousand dollars, the accounts of the crippled field team do not coincide with the accounts of the crippled team The plan of the Lebanese people and their suffering go beyond the borders to reach the region to comply with Iran’s calculations for nuclear power negotiating table in Vienna, which was reported by Ali Al-Amin, editor-in-chief of the site web Janoubia, in Al-Arabiya.net.

Najib Mikati (Reuters archive)
Najib Mikati (Reuters archive)

Vienna negotiations

He said the Shiite duo’s calculations are far from addressing subsequent crises, but rather related to the Vienna nuclear negotiations, because any serious change in the direction of addressing the crisis in act in Lebanon will impose new balances in the country, therefore the Shiite duo, in particular Hezbollah, it is not in about to venture in any internal adjustment before the regional picture became clear and Iran is not in able to cover anything that would weaken it in Lebanon.

He also stressed that “what is happening at the government level is far from the case of the judicial investigator Tariq Al-Bitar and the approval of the reforms needed by Lebanon to provide him with aid, but it is linked to a strategic decision to interrupt the government system. , in particularly the Shiite duo, and they are looking for permanent pretexts, because any solution will weaken them, and what else is it? “It justifies paralyzing the government’s work to stop investigations in the port of Beirut in one moment in which must be separated?

An unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon (AFP)
An unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon (AFP)

crush the Lebanese

Furthermore, Al-Amin felt that “the obstruction mentality is still prevalent despite the accumulated crises at all levels. To break out of the impasse, or at least to stem the collapse. in course”.

He concluded: “There is no solution on the horizon within the current data, unless there is an important external or internal development that imposes new balances in the political game.”

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