Hezbollah cell in Kuwait .. Investigation of the accused and other arrest warrants

In the moment in which the Kuwait Prosecutor’s Office decided, today, Monday, to arrest 8 citizens accused of financing Lebanese Hezbollah, informed sources confirmed that there are arrest and summons orders that could be issued against others in the next 24 hours, according to investigations on state security. According to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas.

Furthermore, the sources revealed that the case began with 4 defendants, one of whom is the brother of a former MP, who were arrested after receiving information about their transfer of large sums of money. in Lebanon, in particularly to the Lebanese militia of Hezbollah.

Control of all foreign remittances

The sources specified that in this case investigations continue around the clock and all overseas transfers will be scrutinized to find prove and submit them to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Kuwaiti security services arrested a Hezbollah-affiliated group, active in recruiting young people to work with the party in Syria and Yemen.

“Report from a twin country”

According to security sources, “the Interior Ministry received a security report from a twin country, in which claimed that the group consisted of four people, one of whom was the son of a former MP, another brother of a former MP, and a third was appointed in previous cases from the hijacking of the Jabriya plane in the 1980s, and a quarter are said to be an elderly man.

He also added that “the state security service is investigating the four, who are” HGGS, GJ, JD also on a variety of charges, including money laundering for “Hezbollah” in Kuwait, funding Kuwaiti youth to encourage them to join the “Hezbollah” mantle, participate in its terrorist acts and drug smuggling both in Syria and Yemen.

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