Hezbollah member and Hariri fighter .. on Washington’s list of rewards

The rewards for State Department Justice Program announced a financial reward of up to $ 10 million for providing information about Hezbollah member Salim Ayyash for his involvement in operations, die aim to harm Americans.

Today, Monday, the program’s report posted a tweet, video clip, in which included information on Ayyash, who was sentenced to five life sentences in December 2020 for his involvement in the 2005 truck bombing that killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik, Hariri.

Ayyash was convicted of killing Hariri and others

He was charged with murder and a terrorist attack in connection with the murder of Hariri and 21 other people in the attack in August 2020 in Beirut condemned.

He was too in Absence brought to justice while he is still at large. The court acquitted him on three charges for lack of evidence.

In August 2020 there was die The Washington Post announced that Ayyash had carried out at least four assassinations on the orders of the Hezbollah militia.

Ayyash was a member of a murder squad

The newspaper quoted current and former security officials from the US and three European and Middle Eastern countries as saying that the Hezbollah agent convicted of Hariri’s murder was a member of “Unit 121”, which specializes in assassinations.

“There is no doubt about that die Hezbollah is monitoring the assassination team, “said a former US security officer who was involved in information gathering following Hariri’s assassination.

It is worth noting that the goal of the Justice Rewards program is to bring international terrorists to justice and prevent international acts of terrorism against US citizens or property.

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