Hidden Strike: Release Date, Cast, Plot,Trailer And Everything We Know So Far

In the action-comedy Hidden Strike, the legendary Jackie Chan and the action star John Cena work together to save someone dangerously and funnily.

Hidden Strike, an action comedy in post-production limbo for over five years, will finally be released in 2023. Jackie Chan, an actor who has been in more than 150 movies and has been practicing martial arts for more than 40 years, and John Cena, a sixteen-time WWE world wrestling champion who is now an actor, star in the movie. On a mission in Baghdad, the two action heroes are forced to work together to get civilians to safety.

hidden strike release date


During production, hidden Strike was called Project X-traction, Project X, Ex-Baghdad, Snafu, and The Furious Sandstorm. The start-and-stop way that production and distribution happened had little to do with COVID-19 and everything to do with how the Chinese film industry and its role in international box office success are changing.

China greatly impacts how many people watch and buy international movies, so when things change in Chinese cinema, they are felt in Hollywood. But, as the director says, Hidden Strike is a “hopeful model for successful Hollywood-China collaboration, both in terms of art and business.” Here’s everything we know about the movie as it gets ready to come out.

Who is in the Hidden Strike Cast?

  • Jackie Chan as Luo Feng
  • John Cena as Chris Van Horne
  • Pilou Asbæk as Owen Paddock
  • Rachael Holoway as Raider
  • Zhenwei Wang as Xiao Wei
  • Amadeus Serafini as Henry Van Horne
  • Max Huang, as Non-Chinese Contractor
  • Nadine Leon Gobet as Officer Rodriguez
  • Tazito Garcia as Paddock’s Mercenary

When is The Hidden Strike Release Date?

The esteemed production company, XYZ Films, has recently unveiled that their latest masterpiece, Hidden Strike, is set for a much-anticipated theatrical release in 2023. This exciting news has undoubtedly left fans and movie enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipating what is sure to be an exceptional cinematic experience.

Is There a Trailer for Hidden Strike?

The trailer shows a scary situation where the main characters are at the mercy of cruel criminals. Their lives are always in danger because they must deal with many problems that test their strength and determination. They must work together and fight as hard as possible against their captors to survive. The person in charge of this movie is the same person who made the Need for Speed Racing movies known for their heart-stopping action scenes. In the trailer, two fast-moving cars crash into each eother, a thrilling scene that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

What Is the Plot for Hidden Strike?

The story of Hidden Strike is about two former special forces soldiers sent on a dangerous mission in the middle of Baghdad. They aim to ensure that civilians make it safely from the dangerous “Highway of Death” to the safe “Green Zone.” In a near-future world where oil resources are being fought over in a war that has destroyed the Middle East, the main characters must face tough challenges and get past what they initially thought about each other.


Luo Feng, played by Jackie Chan, and Chris Van Horne, played by John Cena, are at odds initially, but they soon realize they are fighting the same enemy. This creates an exciting story about friendship, bravery, and exciting action scenes.

Chan and Cena’s performances have wowed people worldwide with their amazing martial arts skills and perfect comedic timing. In Hidden Strike, they show off their amazing skills and promise a smooth mix of exciting action and funny jokes.

When was the hidden strike Filmed?

Hidden Strike finished shooting in 2018 but was never released due to many internal and external variables. The COVID-19 pandemic was the initial reason for the film’s delayed release

When was the Hidden Strike Filmed?

The cinematic production of the highly anticipated movie Hidden Strike was successfully concluded in 2018, with all filming activities efficiently executed as planned. However, despite the initial excitement and anticipation surrounding the movie’s release, it was unfortunately not made available to the public as scheduled. Several factors contributed to this unfortunate outcome, both internal and external. Among these factors was the unexpected emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had far-reaching consequences for the film’s release. The resultant delays caused by the pandemic were unprecedented, ultimately leading to the indefinite postponement of the movie’s release.

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