High Russian minister dies during exercise

MOSCOW — A senior government official died on Wednesday when he dived off a cliff die trying to save a prominent movie director who during an exercise in the water had fallen in Russia’s far north, officials confirmed.

Yevgeny N. Zinichev, the minister of emergency,” was tragically killed while on duty, while you participate in interaction exercises designed to protect the Arctic from emergencies while trying to save someone’s life,” his ministry said in a statement.

Mr Zinichev, who was visiting the city of Norilsk as part of a multicity drill met 6,000 people, dived in the water after Aleksandr Melnik, the director, slipped and fell off a wet rock, the ministry’s press service told local reporters. The Russian State news agency, TASS, reported that Mr Melnik, who used to be scouting locations for a documentary, also died.

“He didn’t hesitate for An second, not as a ministerbut as a savior, die An heroic act”, the Russian deputy state of emergency minister Andrei Gurovich said: of mr. Zinichev on the Russian 24 TV channel.

“He lived like that his whole life.”

if minister of emergencies, mr. Zinichev was responsible for managing the country’s response to natural and human-made disasters, including the forest fires rage in Siberia.

The position is considered influential in Russia. his previous holder, Sergey K. Shoigu, a confidant of President Vladimir V. Putin, oversaw the ministry for two decades before they defense minister in 2012.

Mr Zinichev, who was 55, started working for the Russian security services in 1987 and became a member of Security detail from Mr Putin in 2006.

In 2014 he became deputy head of the counter-terrorism service of Russia’s domestic intelligence agency, known as the FSB From 2016-2018, he was its deputy head. He was appointed to emergency minister in May 2018, and also served on Russian Security Council.

Mr Zinichev is the first death of a session minister in Russia, according to the BBC. Mr Putin expressed his condolences from the Siberian taiga, where he spent a few days with Mr. Shoigu, according to his spokesman Dmitri Peskov.

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