High-security trams will soon run through the streets of St. Petersburg

Denis Minkin, director of the Russian transport corporation Gorelektrotrans, said that his corporation would soon launch trams equipped with enhanced security features on the streets of St. Petersburg.

In an interview with the Russian news agency TASS, Minkin recently said: “In about a week, innovative trams equipped with active safety systems and driver alert control systems will begin to run on the streets of St. Petersburg, and this will be the first step towards the introduction of an autonomous tram driving control system in the next ten years. We will practically not need to change the infrastructure, and in the next two years, about 200 trams of this type will appear in the city.”

He added: “For this we don’t need new infrastructure, but we need psychological preparation. The society gradually gets used to all innovations. Psychological preparation is primarily needed for drivers. be sure whether this active safety system will work or not.” And can we trust him, our trams are ready for this innovation, and we are pioneers in this field not only in Russia, but also in the world, we do not have an autonomous system for trams already on our streets, but this will be the first step towards the implementation of this system.”

Minkin pointed out that “the new tram driver assistance system currently includes an active safety system and a driver vigilance control system, and these two systems are interconnected with each other, and the active safety system includes video cameras, highly sensitive radars and data. data processing system, and can also automatically control the brakes if a dome is detected on the vehicle. With the appropriate response from the driver, it automatically controls the braking system to reduce speed until the car comes to a complete stop.”

As for the driver notification system installed on the new trams, it is equipped with video cameras and artificial intelligence systems.

Source: TASS