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  • The Defense of the Taliban minister Mullah Mohammad Yakoob, son of Mullah Omar, reprimanded in an audio message over misconduct and abuse by some combatants.

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As the Taliban transitioned from insurgency to rule in peacetime, the leaders have taken note of reports of assaults in an attempt to present a conciliation face to the world. The Defense of the Taliban minister Mullah Mohammad Yakoob, son of Mullah Omar, reprimanded in an audio message over misconduct by some fighters following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

“We recommend you keep them out of your ranks, otherwise strict measures will be taken against you,” said Yakoob in a message for Taliban commanders. “We do not want such an people in our ranks.”

There have been reports of retaliation by the Sunni Pashtun fighters against former government officials and civil society activists despite the promises of general amnesty until project itself as different from the harsh Islamic government die ruled from 1996 to 2001. Often with no clear chain of commando, Taliban fighters would have beaten out mistreatment of some residents of Kabul.

yaqoob, who supervised the military activities of warned the Taliban during the uprising that such actions would not be tolerated, Reuters said.

“As you all know, under the general amnesty announced in Afghanistan, no mujahid has the right to take revenge on anyone,” he said.

The audio message was tweeted by several Taliban Twitter handles and was widely shared on social media. It is however remains unclear over what precise incidents Yakoob had. There have been reports of power struggle between different factions of the Taliban like some of them want choose for for a moderate approach, while others do not want to make compromises.

Yakoob has also noted of some Taliban fighters collide government offices and taking selfies.

“This is very objectionable since everyone out mobile making phones and snapshots in the important and sensitive ministries without any reason,’ he said. ‘A hanging like that? out and not taking pictures and videos help you in this world, and also in the afterlife.”

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