Hina Khan almost skipped the Cannes party because of Priyanka?

Hina Khan revealed she hardly attended Cannes party because she was “so nervous” to meet Priyanka Chopra.

Khan walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, and she met Chopra while he was there.

However, she almost canceled her participation in a party at last minute to cause of his nerves.

In an interview with radio host Siddharth Kannan, Hina Khan said she was so nervous to attend the party that it almost canceled.

According to Khan, she didn’t feel prepared for the attention she would get, especially because she was among the stars like Priyanka Chopra.

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It also expressed that thought of meet Chopra made she is too nervous to want participate.

On top of that, Khan was anxious over not to have outfit take to the highest level event.

Hina Khan almost skipped the Cannes party because of Priyanka?

Hina Khan said:

“I didn’t even have a dress to wear. In fact, when I was again go to walk, I was not supported by the designers in India.

“But now things have changed. Now people look at me in another light.

“When my team approach a certain designer, they answer, in a positive way.

“I had no idea … All I knew was that I was going to watch the trailer launch. of my cinema.

” I did not understand of how big things would work out.

“But it got huge, and then I realized how big of it is an agreement.

“And an even more important matter for I received a text from Priyanka Chopra and decided not to go.

“I was so nervous.”

Hina Khan is gone on say there was a huge rush to organize a outfit for she after being convinced to attend the Cannes Film Festival party.

Khan also revealed that meeting Priyanka Chopra for the first time made his feeling more comfortable.

The pair are now friends and are connected on social media.

After the party, Hina Khan took to Instagram to thank Chopra for make him feel at home.

In one post following Cannes party from May 19, 2019, she said:

“An unexpected invitation from a world star… Personally, after realizing and preparing to finally succeed, I was still a stranger but only until you arrived.

” You do not have need to, but you never have left my main for a second, introduced me to people I probably wouldn’t have met and i felt like all the accomplishments of my little career is happening in fast forward as you present me as a star for each one of them.

“You sort of know just like you mentioned my debut film and congratulated me for my hard work and appreciated me for the risk I took in my choices.”

Hina Khan is gone on praise Priyanka Chopra for her ability raise up people», Calling it« walking inspiration ».

Chopra responded by thanking Khan. for his kind words and expressed his pride in what the actress accomplished.

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