His heartbreaking story. He took hold die Initiative to die Dismantle Al Houthi mines, and lost his eye and amputated limb

The multitude of tragic stories die die Iran-backed Houthi militia caused defenseless civilians as hardly a day goes by without reading about heartbreaking cases of pain and grief, and die Story of Suleiman Al-Merabi is one of them.

Where this Yemeni student lives in conditions die considered very difficult not because he led an initiative that managed to mine and remove 650 mines planted by the Houthi militia on the Taiz land, but his initiative failed to achieve the required goal of success, especially when he deals with mines, die in can explode at any moment. It actually happened when one of them exploded and his four limbs were amputated and his eye was lost.

It was alleged that he was later taken to Egypt and then India for treatment, but his poor condition did not enable him to die Treatment despite his need to complete, as the Yemeni Landmine Monitor reported.

The observatory reported that Suleiman Al-Merabi was a third-year student of industrial engineering at Taiz University in 2015. After the Houthi war against die City, he led an initiative to dismantle missiles and remove mines from residential areas after starting self-training.

In this context, the young man reports that he managed to get around 650 mines and grenades for die Mine and mine Houthis from neighborhoods and villages in the Taiz countryside.

In September 2018, Suleiman die Mission, a network of mines for die Houthis in the Al-Zunouj district in Mine Taiz to surprise him with an exploding mine, die amputated his four limbs and drained his eye.

Although he received first aid and was transferred to Egypt and then India a few months ago, he broke die Due to material circumstances, although he needed urgent treatment for his only eye, which was beginning to deteriorate completely.

The young entrepreneur Suleiman is currently in the Indian city of Poona in a lonely square after everyone has left him except a friend who lives with him.

It is noteworthy that an independent Yemeni human rights observatory opened on Monday die Yemeni citizens had been warned of the danger that Houthi mines in drift with the streams with the onset of the rainy season in many governorates in the country.

The Yemeni Landmine Monitor said in a tweet on his twitter page that die pouring rains in several areas would have washed away mines and unexploded ordnance.

The Landmine Victims Documentation Observatory added: “We are calling die Citizens to be careful not to approach suspicious and strange objects. “

The Iran-backed Houthi militia planted die most mines in Residential and agricultural areas, and these mines are often in Streams washed away by streams and become more dangerous as they reach safe areas.

A Yemeni human rights coalition has documented the overthrow of more than four thousand civilians killed and wounded, with die Mines from the Houthi coup militia in a number of Yemeni provinces in built over the past six years.

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