His resignation occupied the Sudanese road. Who is Hamdok?

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok announced his resignation from office on Sunday evening, after difficult and bitter months that have crossed the country and he too.

After days of conflicting rumors and news about his resignation, the eminent economist has taken the step expected by most of the forces of freedom and change, the political incubator for him, criticized since he signed the political deal with the boss. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan army on November 21, 2021, demonstrating political partnership in a judgment The country is in transition with the military component, after a series of exceptional measures and the imposition of a state of emergency on 25 October.

Who is it questman who took over the government for two intense years?

economics man

Hamdok, who studied economics at the universities of Khartoum and Manchester, worked before becoming prime minister at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank and as special adviser to the Bank for Trade and Development. of Ethiopia.

However, his country named him after the revolution, so the Sovereignty Council, a governing body made up of civilians and military, chose him to oversee the democratic transition after the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir, as prime minister in the country. ‘August 2019, to confirm after his inauguration that one of his priorities is to resolve the deep economic crisis and the suffocating weight of public debt and spread the pace in the whole country after long civil wars.

Abdullah Hamdouk (archive - AFP)
Abdullah Hamdouk (archive – AFP)

They then rush to start talks with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to discuss Sudan’s debt restructuring.

List of terror

It also initiated talks with the United States to remove Sudan from the list of sponsoring states of terrorism, a description that has caused the country’s isolation from the global financial system since 1993, and has been removed from tale list in 2020.

During the period in which he headed the government, the IMF accepted his country’s inclusion in the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative on the basis of Khartoum’s commitment to macroeconomic reforms.

This has led Sudan to finally qualify for debt relief and access to new funds.

Notable fixes

Perhaps one of the most important economic reforms Hamdok worked on was the lifting of fuel subsidies, which cost the state several billion dollars a year, and the devaluation and fluctuation of the Sudanese currency.

In addition, it sought to impose government control over companies owned by the security forces.

However, just weeks before the October 25 measures by which military forces dissolved the government, Hamdok acknowledged the difficulties arising from the reforms, but expressed hope that their positive impact will manifest quickly. He said that the Sudanese people have paid a high price for reforms and that their aspirations must be realized.

Abdullah Hamdouk (archive - AFP)
Abdullah Hamdouk (archive – AFP)

agreement with proof

He also presented, as the tension between the army and civilians in the joint administration increased in September, a road map to get out of the crisis, explaining that he is not a neutral or a mediator in the conflict, but rather his clear and clear position. coherent is the complete prejudice of the civil democratic transition.

This position gained popular support for him. During protests against the coup, protesters held up photos of Hamdok and hung banners with his photos.

But after he signed an agreement to return to the office of prime minister last November, and “our bloodshed”, as he said at the time, was a step opposed by many protesters and political figures who had supported him. in passed, and induced it in largely lose its civilian political incubator.

With the failure to agree with all the political forces in the country, and the formation of a new civilian government, Hamdok would have raised ten fingers, announcing his resignation!

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