Historic decision of the US court cancels the “right to abortion”. Biden denounces

There are different reactions, in the United States and abroad, to the historic decision taken on Friday morning by the American Supreme Court to abolish the right to abortion, established almost 50 years ago.

The controversial and predictable court ruling gives individual states the power to enact their own abortion laws without worrying about the conflict with the state, which has allowed abortion for nearly half a century, during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.

President Joe Biden condemned the sentence, calling it an “extremist and dangerous approach”.

“This is a sad day for the court and for the country,” Biden told the White House. “The court did what it had never done before … it openly usurped a constitutional right that is a fundamental right of many Americans.”

Democratic president added that allowing states to ban abortion puts the United States out of line among developed nations. in terms of protection of reproductive rights.

Biden has urged Congress to pass a law protecting the right to abortion, but this is an unlikely proposition given the fact that there are partisan divisions over it.

Biden said her administration will protect women’s right to access FDA-approved medications, including birth control pills and drug abortion, while fighting efforts to restrict women’s travel. in other countries to abort.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland said after the Supreme Court ruling on abortion that the Department of Justice will use every means at its disposal to protect reproductive freedom and that federal agencies may continue to provide reproductive health services to the extent maximum allowed by federal law.

“This decision deals a severe blow to reproductive freedom in the United States,” Garland said in a note. “It will have a direct and irreversible impact on people’s lives in across the country … and its impact will be profoundly disproportionate given the large burdens of non-owners. “Whites and people with limited financial resources.

As for US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, he confirmed that the Pentagon was “reviewing” the court’s decision on abortion and would ensure access to reproductive health care as permitted by federal law.

On the other hand, some Republicans, led by former US President Donald Trump, celebrated the decision and saw it as a victory for customs, traditions and constitutional rights.

“God made the decision,” Trump told Fox News.

The former US president added: “This decision restores power to the states, which is the power that always belongs to them.”