Sports Hockey equipment company Bauer begins making face shields for...

Hockey equipment company Bauer begins making face shields for medical workers


Bauer has actually long focused on making protective equipment, however usually not this kind.

The company, which is understood for its hockey pads, helmets, gloves, skates and sticks, has actually started making medical face shields for health center workers handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Without any expert hockey occurring throughout The United States and Canada, Bauer was taking a look at various methods to assist handle the unexpected drop in need. The concept for medical masks was first proposed by research study and advancement experts throughout a conference recently.

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“We had several options, but the option of designing visors was the best,” Dan Bourgeois, Bauer’s vice president of item development, informed

With a factory that was currently geared up to produce plastic visors at their disposal, Bauer merely needed to run some experimental tests to produce a working model for the masks.

“Our specialists designed molds to create the prototypes, which we presented to a doctor who is the father of one of our employees,” Bourgeois stated. “We wanted to test the safety and comfort levels of our visor, which resembles a mask normally used to perform welding work. We have refined our visor and arrived with the model that we are ready to produce.”

Defense that enables professional athletes to provide whatever for their team is our heritage.

Today, we’re all on the very sameteam We’re repurposing our centers to make face shields so that medical experts fighting COVID-19 can securely continue to assist those most susceptible.

— BAUER Hockey (@BauerHockey) March 25,2020

By Wednesday early morning, Bauer had actually currently gotten orders from throughout Canada for more than 100,000 masks, and they’re wishing to get into the U.S. marketsoon

The decision to produce the masks will likewise enable the company to keep a variety of staff members working throughout the crisis.

“That’s the ancillary benefit to it,” Bauer CEO Ed Kinnaly informed ESPN. “We can keep some people employed to work on these.”

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Since today, the company’s centers can producing around 2,000 visors daily, however they’re wishing to ultimately crank out 10,000 The Montreal Cops have actually currently asked about acquiring 50,000 of the masks. The first deliveries might head out as soon as next week.

“Frankly I wish we could do more,” Kinnaly stated. “Any way we can help, we’re going to try.”

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