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Hoda Kotb Addresses Awkward Interview With Vanessa Lachey After She Is Slammed By Nick Lachey’s Wife


Hoda Kotb is conscious that the current interview she had with Nick and Vanessa Lachey was quite awkward. The host attended to the error that led to her being slammed by the former kid bander’s wife.

Jessica Simpson dropped among the juiciest memoirs in Hollywood where she was rather the open book– she even called it Open Book. While doing discount for the body of work, the vocalist exposed that her ex-husband and his wife sent her a present after she had her first kid.

Throughout a talk with Hoda, the host raised the discovery and Vanessa shot it down.

Not just did she firmly insist that they had absolutely nothing to do with the present, her body language check out to audiences that she was irritated by the report.

After followers called her out about it through Twitter, Mrs. Lachey reacted to several individuals about why she responded the method she ended and did up dissing Kotb at the same time.

In one action, Vanessa tweeted: ‘You make sure you do your research and state facts and ask appropriate questions as the host… don’ t you believe. The declaration wasn’t true, so I was just clearing that up. Certainly a gorgeous belief if it was.’

Hoda appeared on Watch What Occurs Live where she spoke on the interview however not the shade Vanessa tossed.

‘Here’ s the important things, when I was speaking with Jessica she was speaking about on what excellent terms everybody was. Like, ‘I’ m so delighted for them. We have children. They have children.’ And she discussed something, I believed, about a present. I was like, ‘Oh, so everybody’ s delighted.’ When they came I was like, ‘Isn’ t that cool everyone’s pals?’ And after that that wasn’t the method it was gotten. I didn’t comprehend what was going on. I in fact was puzzled.’


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