Holidays are here in World of Warships: Legends


  • Build the Yamato in World of Warships: Legends
  • The Last Battleship campaign is here for the holidays and offers players the chance to win the elegant but deadly battleship Jean Bart
  • World of Warships: Legends will bring even more nations, ships and commanders into play in 2020!

World of Warships: Legends celebrate the holidays with a bang! Players can build and sail the mighty Yamato, take part in the Last Battleship campaign to earn the Jean Bart, and experience better battles through a second wave of player-driven content.

The mighty Yamato is the first legendary tier ship to be introduced and the most powerful ship in the game! Their immense 460 mm cannons, paired with the best torpedo protection and the best survivability, make them a natural force on the high seas. Historically, Yamato was the ultimate battleship and she keeps this crown in World of Warships: Legends. Players can try driving the Yamato by “building” them in a series of combat missions to gain credits and experience. Don’t miss the chance to be the first to run Yamato. This time it is only available during the Yamato event and will be removed from your fleet at the end of the update for further optimization. Imagine this as a test drive!

Such a legendary battleship needs a special way to fit into the gameplay! Yamato
sits on its own level – the legendary level. In the fight, she will take over from
three battleships in their team and will certainly develop new strategies and
Situations for players. There is also the possibility of a real battle between the giants – a
4v4 Yamato battle on the open sea. Players must use dragon tokens to take
the Yamato into battle by combat missions or out of the
Business. Every time a player orders Yamato, he receives Sakura coins that can
can be used for additional equipment or even the premium ships G-101 and Asashio!

The last
The battleship campaign is here for the holidays and offers players the chance to do so
Earn the elegant but deadly battleship Jean Bart. The last battleship ever
Jean Bart is a modern powerhouse. Equipped with a speed boost and
Reload Boost, everything about her is fast! When reload boost is enabled,
Jean Bart’s main battery cannons are reloaded much faster to achieve a destructive effect
Outbreak of damage. Players can add Jean Bart to their fleet by adding The
Last battleship campaign with the support of the Admiralty.

receives a number of rewards and equipment for the path to Jean
Beard. You will also receive additional sakura coins and great extras
from credits and experience to epic boosters and unique items for those
Vacation. The missions to complete the campaign have also been revised
Give players a smoother campaign experience.

The December update also brings some new gameplay changes! In the November update, some additions were made thanks to player feedback. Several new maps and a port filter have been added and some ships have been rebalanced. The December update brings with it a second round of changes – a great balance and optimizations on the maps! Several Tier VI and VII ships have been modified several times, and Tier VII cruisers are even more viable. Most cards have received spawns changes, now players have more tactical flexibility in combat thanks to a delay in initial recognition. The gameplay in World of Warships: Legends is constantly evolving.

World of Warships: Legends made good progress in 2019. The game was fully released in August after a brief game preview and has now released four content updates and six new campaigns. World of Warships: Legends now has 5 major nations with 13 shipping lines, which is almost double the number of ships available at launch. The number of legendary commanders is growing steadily with over 35 members!

With such dynamism, events and a strong community – World of Warships: Legends will bring even more nations, ships and commanders into play in 2020!

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