“Holly Willoughby Reflects on Intense 15-Year Marriage with Husband”

Holly Willoughby is a 41-year-old television presenter who is now famous for hosting This Morning. Throughout her career, she has hosted a range of shows, including children’s shows on CITV and CBBC. It was while she was working on children’s television that she met her husband, Dan Baldwin, who was a producer. Recently, in light of Valentine’s Day, Holly opened up about their relationship and how they met. She said that they became very close friends and would often go to the pub and end up in each other’s hotel rooms after work. After a few months, she realized that she had feelings for him and the rest was history. They have now been married for 15 years and have three children together. In addition to her television career, Holly has recently launched her own business, Wylde Moon, which sells wax melts, diffusers, perfumes, and home fragrances. The business also features blogs, podcasts, and messages from Holly about crystal healing, self-care guidance, and reading recommendations. Holly believes that having a strong friendship as the basis of their relationship is the key to their lasting marriage and happiness.