Home Alone 6 stars grown-up Buzz actor: Where are the other Home Alone kids now?

It’s been thirty years since plucky Kevin McAllister fought of pesky robbers and stole an absolute fortune at the global box office. On the inaugural Disney Plus day, the House of Mouse has dropped the sixth film in the franchise, Home Sweet Home Alone – admittedly with far less favourable reviews. This time it has a British protagonist, but the set-up seems very familiar as Max Mercer (Archie Yates) is accidentally left behind in his enormous house. However, one familiar face is the return of the grown-up Buzz, played by the same actor, as a local law enforcement agent. But where are all the other young stars now? Did you know one became an Olympic athlete?

Home Alone 6 stars grown-up Buzz actor: Where are the other Home Alone kids now?

Home Sweet Home Alone: Original Home Alone child stars (Image: FS )

Home Sweet Home Alone Buzz and Kevin

Home Sweet Home Alone Buzz and Kevin (Image: FS)


Devin is still best-known as Kevin’s bully-boy older brother Buzz. Only 13 when he starred in Home Alone, he has continued to work every year since in TV and film.

As well as roles in movies like Nebraska, R.I.P.D and Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez, he has appeared in shows like The Good Wife, Supernatural, Blue Bloods, Chicago Med and a leading role in superhero comedy-drama The Tick.

Devin also sings and plays electric guitar in the band Little Bill and the Beckleys.

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Home Sweet Home Alone Buzz actor Devin Ratray

Home Sweet Home Alone Buzz actor Devin Ratray (Image: GETTY )

Home Alone star Hillary Wolf

Home Alone star Hillary Wolf (Image: GETTY)


Hillary combined her budding sports career with acting but decided to concentrate on judo at fifteen, and has not acted since. She was the first US Junior World Champion in 1994 and competed at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Teams.

Hillary married National Champion Greco-Roman Wrestler Chris Saba, and they have two sons, Michael and Dylan.

The couple went on to head up the Rocky Mountain Wrestling Club and Hillary attended the Rio Olympics as a Greco-Roman wrestling coach for the American team. 

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Home Alone stars Macaulay and Kieran Culkin

Home Alone stars Macaulay and Kieran Culkin (Image: GETTY)

Home Alone star Kieran Culkin and wife Jazz

Home Alone star Kieran Culkin and wife Jazz (Image: GETTY )


Most people probably know that Macaulay’s real-life baby brother also starred in the film, playing his cousin. Kieran has gone on to his own successful Hollywood career. 

Ten years after he starred in Home Alone 2, his role in Igby Goes Down received critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination. He also starred in 2010’s hugely popular cult comedy film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. More nominations for Golden Globe and Emmy Awards followed for his latest role as Roman Roy in HBO’s Succession.

Kieran has acted on stage on Broadway and in London’s West End and married Jazz Charton in 2013. They have a daughter together, Kinsey, born on September 13, 2019.

Home Alone star Angela Bethany Goethals

Home Alone star Angela Bethany Goethals (Image: GETTY/INSTA)


Angela didn’t go on to play Linnie in Home Alone 2 but will always be remembered for the caustic line, “You’re what the French call, ‘les incompétents.'”

She continued to take minor roles including Jerry Maguire until 2010 and had acted very occasionally since then. She also expanded her ‘francais’ vocabulary with a degree in French from Vassar College and had a recurring role in Kiefer Sutherland’s hit show 24. 

These days her Instagram is filled with pictures of her family and two daughters. https://www.instagram.com/angbeegee/

Home Alone star Michael Maronna

Home Alone star Michael Maronna (Image: GETTY)


When Home Alone hit cinemas, Michael was already starring in the Nickleodeon show The Adventures of Pete & Pete, which began as minute-long sketches in between other shows before becoming a series in 1991. 

He had minor roles in films like Slackers and 40 Days and 40 Nights but left acting in 2004. He now works as an electrician on filma and television sets. 

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