Homeless wages, transparency regulated by standard

The sports community is in awaiting the decision of the Football Association in on the contracts of the players regarding the salary cap, and the information confirms that the Football Association, after putting in front of the club three options, he decided to open the salary cap.

This is a simulation of what it is in act in most federations around the world, but with controls and standard specific, in particular, as in the major leagues, the most important of which is the linking of players’ contracts to the budget contractual of club.

Determining the salary cap was to force i club to pay under the table to please the stars, and then bind the club with amounts and financial accumulations, for which the successive administrations pay dearly, knowing that everything is announced, but the Football Association stands before them, unable to make any decision.

Al-Madina interviewed a number of specialists in this field and their conversation was as follows:

Dabol: Too late

Former Al Wahda Club professional director and current player mediator Abdulaziz Dabolol described the decision to open the salary cap for potential professional players as a decision that serves a nation’s sport, and is expected. time ago.

Continued Dabolol, in his speech in Al-Madina, there is no worldwide maximum salary cap for players, it is true that there is a minimum to preserve the rights of the players, but there is no such thing as a salary cap.

The current football mediator said the Saudi Federation has taken the right path to keep up with the major leagues, to increase the value of the game, because players differ in terms of skill and technical value, and therefore there must be a difference in financial value from one player to another.

Dablool added: “But this decision needs a financial budget, with the presentation of the budget to the local federation to reduce debts and not repeat the previous mistakes in charging the administrations with financial disasters that cause headaches to all those who come to the presidency. of the club. What delays the professionalism process in applying professional rules in the correct form.

He added that, in by virtue of my previous job as a professional coach, i club they were damaged and suffering because of what they paid out of contract in one way or another, there is a loophole that the agent exploits and the club carries a figure higher than it can bear.

Dablool stressed that the decision is beneficial to the club from the principle of transparency in contracts and not to commit in suspicious auctions.

Vote: With the decision

Former Saudi national team player and Al-Ittihad player Captain Abdullah Fawal said raising the salary cap for Saudi professional players is a good thing and keeps pace with international leagues, and this is a requirement. for the championship to become distinctive and competitive, and that there should be supply and demand, and it is not logical that all players are the same in terms of material value.

Fawal said: “We have to keep up with world football and there should be an approach, as most international leagues have no cap in the professional ceiling and football is supply and demand.”

Fawal stressed the need to find sufficient income so that i club can buy players, as stated: “All club they must provide their material income, whether it be through contracts with companies, public presence or providing sponsors. “

Fawal stressed not to exaggerate the financial worth of the players, saying: “Financial values ​​should not be exaggerated, and every right should be given its right, and football in this moment is an exchange, an offer and a question “.

Al-Mohammadi: Restrict intermediation

Abdullah Al-Mohammadi, the players ‘agent, said the decision to make homeless players’ salaries is a positive one, but this decision must be tied to terms and conditions that preserve the common rights of all parties, including club, players and intermediaries with precise and clear numbers.

He added, from my point of view, a decision that it was preferable to implement for some time to reduce intermediation, as well as for transparency in concluded contracts and to reduce fraud that is devastating for club and lead to the accumulation of debt.

We hope that this decision will be useful for the player to stick to exercises and discipline, especially as the decision to open the ceiling and not specify it puts the player in a better position than before.

Note that the contract formula depends on stability, for example, the player received a maximum of 1.5 million as a contract provider, but may not receive this amount unless the contract is three years, and this matters many followers are ignorant of the consequences of this decision in precedence and things will improve with the implementation of this decision.

Al-Enezi: Regulates investments and management

Falah Al-Enezi, agent of two players, considered correct the decision to open the salary cap, based on the principle of transparency and clarity of the contracts, and that the contracts should be explicit, and opposes the under-the-counter payment, and also increases the efficiency of management and investments.

He added that making homeless salaries brings income to club, and that’s one of the good things about it in issue of opening the salary cap, especially with the work of the new legislation approved by the Ministry of Sport and the governance system to increase the administrative effectiveness of club.

He added, from here, things are clear regarding salaries and he also does the work of the Professional League and knows the salary mechanism as well as increasing teamwork in the club.

And don’t rely on individual work, in so that the work is tied to a single person, and also to adjust and link expenses in so that they match the income.

Al-Enezi stressed that this decision helps the club to do the second accounts budget precise financials, as happens in the big leagues, and here the role of the association in the league is activated and the role of professional managers is activated in club in addition to the investment role, and there is more dissemination and attract more resources to club, and finally, this decision guarantees transparency and clarity, and whoever has a good organization, will be one of the club who will benefit most from this decision.

Abdali: The decision is for everyone

Issam Al-Abdali, a player’s agent, expressed his amazement at the existence of a specific cap for players’ salaries, explaining that the international rules do not fully contain this clause.

He added: If we look at this decision, we find that it is successful and serves the player and al club, because the foreign professional is not covered by the decision to fix the salary cap, while the local player feels the injustice of putting the cap on him.

Al-Abdali indicated that the opening of the salary cap aims to control contracts and eliminate intermediation, and cited what happened in the Chinese League.

Al-Abdali stressed that this decision serves everyone and organizes the work of the manager professionals in club, and we will see good fruits in the near future after the implementation of this decision, in terms of improvement of the working environment in club and how everyone knows the wording of these contracts and how to present them.

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