Honda Unveils Electric Sports Car Concept and More at Japan Mobility Show

Honda to Unveil Three Exciting Concepts at the Japan Mobility Show

Get ready to be amazed at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show as Honda plans to showcase three world premieres that will leave car enthusiasts in awe. One of the highlights is a concept model of an electric sports car, potentially serving as a spiritual successor to the iconic NSX.

Another exciting offering is the Sustainia-C, a compact EV concept made from recycled acrylic resin. This showcases Honda’s commitment to incorporating environmentally sustainable technologies into their future vehicles.

Furthermore, Honda is set to unveil the CI-MEV, a two-seat micro EV pod car designed for easy last-mile mobility in areas without public transportation. Equipped with “cooperative intelligence” and automated driving technology, this innovative vehicle provides convenient transportation options for individuals everywhere.

Honda’s Vision for the Japan Mobility Show

A recent statement from Honda outlined its plans for the Japan Mobility Show, which aims to expand beyond traditional automakers and showcase a wide range of mobility products. In addition to cars, Honda will feature various motorcycles, including all-electric models. Visitors can also expect to see the Honda Jet, represented by a full-size interior mock-up, emphasizing Honda’s commitment to airborne mobility.

Looking towards the future, Honda will present its Honda eVTOL, a conceptual model for a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle powered by a gas turbine hybrid system. Additionally, Honda will introduce an innovative avatar robot with a multifingered hand, enabling remote task performance. Visitors will also be intrigued by the Uni-One hands-free seated mobility device, a compact stool-like vehicle controlled by weight shifting.

While details remain scarce, Honda’s Specialty Sports Concept promises an electric sports car that will deliver an exhilarating driving experience. This concept aims to provide the pure joy of driving and transcend the limitations of both time and carbon neutrality, even in the era of automated driving technology.

CEO Toshihiro Mibe has previously stated Honda’s intention to launch two all-electric sports cars in the mid-2020s. With teaser images reminiscent of the NSX, Honda enthusiasts speculate that an all-electric NSX could make an appearance by 2026.

As part of its corporate makeover, Honda has committed to complete electrification and carbon neutrality by 2040. To achieve this, the company plans to introduce 30 fully electric vehicles globally and establish production capacity for 2 million EVs annually by 2030.

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