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Hong Kong arrests two people in the largest money laundering case in the city. Here are the details!

Hong Kong customs arrested two men involved in one of the largest money laundering cases ever in city.

He explained that the case mainly involved 8 tons of gold and palladium, worth approximately $ 446 million in two years, noting that this amount was the largest in absolute among the cases monitored.

Authorities last week arrested two men, aged 30 and 48, suspected of money laundering, house searches, two secretarial companies, a precious metals company and a currency exchange company.

For her part, the head of the Customs Crime Investigation Bureau, Rita Lee, said during a press conference today, Wednesday, that the two men claimed to have sold minerals and transferred funds to some Chinese companies on the mainland or fake accounts to the abroad.

Lee added that customs found no evidence that the two men knew each other, but they worked with the same security company, which could indicate an association.

The two suspects have been released on bail as investigations continue, Bloomberg and Al Arabiya reported.net examined it.

“Precious metals are of high value and small in size and can still be sold anonymously in city, “Li said.

Just last month, Hong Kong authorities arrested 4 suspected members of a gang linked to the laundering of millions of dollars in criminal proceeds. in two years.

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