Hong Kong .. John Lee’s appointment to power raises the European Union

Yesterday, the Foreign Minister of the European Union Josep Borrell considered that the appointment of John Lee, who oversaw the repression of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, as head of the executive authority of the city, constitutes a “violation of democratic principles. and pluralism. “

Borrell wrote in a tweet that the “selection process” of the former city security official is a “new phase in dismantling the principle of ‘one country, two systems'”, stressing that “the authorities of China and Hong Kong must respect their and international obligations “.

John Lee was nominated by votes from an all-Beijing loyalist committee and the 64-year-old former cop is the only candidate to succeed outgoing officer Carrie Lam who has decided not to seek a new five-year term.

“I know it takes time to convince people, but I can make it happen with action,” he told reporters. She expressed her determination to build a city “full of hope, opportunity and harmony” after the authorities “restored order after the chaos”.