Hong Kong Tiananmen wake group disbands amid crackdown on dissenting opinion | Hong-Kong

The Hong-Kong pro-democracy group die organized for three decades of vigil to commemorate the victims of The Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing has voted to dissolve in the face of China’s sweeping repression on disagreement.

The Hong Kong Alliance was one of the most prominent symbols of the city’s former political plurality and its dissolution on Saturday is the latest illustration of how fast China is the transformation of the business center in his own authoritarian image.

After the announcement of the decision dissolve, a representative of read the alliance out a letter from their chairman Lee Cheuk-yan, who is in jail.

“A regime can people’s memory and conscience”, said in the letter. “The Beliefs” of the Hong Kong Alliance will be adopted on in the hearts of Hong Kongers.”

A lot of of are the leaders of the alliance in guardianship for Participate in the city’s democratic movement.

Earlier this month, the police ordered three senior figures, including Lee, with subversion – a national safety crime.

That same week, agents attacked a museum met shutters inside the group ran in commemoration of Beijing’s deadly 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, dragging away exhibits, memorabilia, and photos of the historical event.

Law enforcement also ordered the group to take down to be website and social media platforms and authorities have sworn the registration as a company in to pull.

Alliance leadership was divided on whether or not to dissolve.

“I still hope” show The Hong Kong Alliance’s Beliefs at the world and continue this movement die has already lasted for 32 years,” Chow Hang Tung, a lawyer and one of the three leaders accused with subversion, wrote from prison earlier this week.

but other key figures, including Lee and Albert Ho, had indicated that they were solving the group.

The Liaison Office, which is the central government in Hong Kong, called the groupdissolves “the inevitable fate” of anti-chinese groups in Hong Kong,” said therun Xinhua news bureau.

It also said that the group’s “destabilizing activities” would “not be written” off”, and that die who “ruined” up Hong Kong can’t escape justice’ said Xinhua.

Huge and often violent democracy protests swept Hong Kong in 2019. China responded by a . to impose new national security law that has criminalized many dissent and the launch of a campaign until purify the city of people and groups die to be considered unfaithful.

More than 90 people have been charged under the law, while dozens of of social groups – including trade unions and political parties – have been disbanded.

The alliance was told that it in research was done by the… national security unit earlier this year and was handed over over a host of documents and details on to be membership.

Unlike many opposition groups die stopped quickly of heeded police requests, took An more challenging approach.

A lot of of to be leading figures are lawyers and they argued that the police request was illegal.

Once the alliance confirmed it would not cooperate with the investigation brought subversive charges to the police in against its leaders.

Every June 4th, the group organized candlelight vigils in Victoria Park in Hong Kong to commemorate the Tiananmen massacre. They were routinely visited by dozens of thousands of residents, the crowds swelling in last years as rage over how Beijing led the city intensified.

That anger exploded in seven months of democracy protests in 2019.

Beijing has since made clear it will no longer tolerate Tiananmen commemoration in Hong Kong of Macau, the only two places in china where public memory could last place.

China’s top official in Hong Kong described die recently who call for “ending the” one-party dictatorship” as “real enemies”. police action against the alliance subsequently intensified.

The last two Tiananmen vigils were banned, with authorities die the coronavirus pandemic and the concern over tighten safety.

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