Horrific Attack on Hospitals: Sudan’s Ministry of Health Condemns Deliberate Killings by Armed Group

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Posted Date: 02 Jul 2023 21:39 KSA

The Ministry of Health condemns attack on hospitals and medical institutions

The Ministry of Health in Sudan condemned the horrific attack carried out by the Rapid Support Forces on hospitals and medical institutions in the country on Friday, as it said. The Ministry of Health in Sudan said one of the medical personnel was killed in this attack.

The statement released by the ministry said the armed group deliberately terrorized medical staff, patients, and administrative staff. And he stressed that this heinous attack was the first time that medical personnel inside a hospital have been subjected to direct and deliberate killings while carrying out their professional duties, according to the statement.

The ministry stressed that “because of this outrageous attack, services have been disrupted at Al-Shuhada hospital, which is currently the only hospital able to provide emergency services, children, women, obstetrics, and surgery to most localities in Bahri, after most of the hospitals in the region have stopped”. So, according to the release, the health status of the population in the Bahri region is exposed to a great danger that threatens their lives.

The ministry noted that those responsible for this heinous attack must be held accountable and relentless efforts must be made to ensure that such violent acts against vital medical facilities do not happen again He added: ‘Necessary measures should be taken to provide safety and security for medical personnel, patients, and healthcare institutions so that the population can get assistance”.

With the renewed clashes between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces in the capital Khartoum, the accusations between the two sides have also been renewed. In turn, the Sudanese Interior Ministry has blamed the “rapid support” for the release of prisoners to spread chaos.Yesterday, the adviser for the media of the Interior Ministry, “Rapid Support Forces Stormed Police Headquarters to Release Prisoners, so that chaos prevails,” Cairo News TV reported. He pointed out that fighters of those forces, led by Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, nicknamed Hamidati, have targeted health facilities so that the health care system in the country collapsed.

Furthermore, he stressed that the rapid support forces have come under heavy blows from the army, which has caused them to lose many of their military capabilities as well as supply lines. Interestingly, since the outbreak of fierce fighting between the two main military forces in mid-April, Sudan, originally ranked among the world’s poorest countries, has slipped into the abyss of a major humanitarian crisis, amid the faltering transport and arrival of medical supplies and some relief materials, in addition to the suspension of the work of most of the hospitals in the capital Khartoum and in the Darfur region.

Hundreds of victims have fallen and more than two and a half million people have been displaced within and in neighboring countries, particularly Egypt, Chad, and others. Dozens of truces have failed to stop fighting between the two sides, as the two sides exchanged allegations of violating those truces.

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