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Horrifying Aftermath of Earthquake in Turkey: Buildings Reduced to Dust in Seconds

After a new earthquake measuring 5.7 hit eastern Turkey on Monday, cameras monitored the moment of the new disaster in the city of Malatya, where buildings collapsed completely in horrible way and the auto Have been destroyed.

A video clip circulated on social it showed scenes of buildings that had fallen into rubble on the ground in few seconds, between the astonishment and shock of those present.

One of the residents also documented images of collapsing buildings from his balcony in city ​​and white smoke that covered thearea.

Another video showed the destruction, le auto destroyed and shop windows due to the earthquake.

Video from an indoor surveillance camera showed a house shaking violently and furniture collapsing, while appearing empty of its inhabitants.

New earthquake of magnitude 5.5

The European Mediterranean Seismological Center has announced that a magnitude 5.5 earthquake hit eastern Turkey today.

He also explained that the new earthquake occurred at a depth of 7 kilometers.

In turn, the Turkish Disaster Management Authority said on Monday in a statement that the earthquake had its epicenter in the province of Malatya and at a depth of seven kilometers.

He also confirmed the collapse of buildings in Malatya following the new earthquake, with the start of search and rescue operations.

He explained that today’s new earthquake caused the collapse of 22 buildings and the admission of 70 people to hospitals, confirming the death of two people.

Interestingly, a double earthquake struck on February 6 in southern Turkey and northern Syria, the first measuring 7.7 degrees and the second 7.6 degrees, followed by thousands of violent aftershocks, causing more than 50,000 deaths between the two countries, in addition to the massive and unspeakable destruction.


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