Hospital Director in North Dakota: ‘We really are’ in a crisis’

a top official in North Dakota’s Largest Health Center system said his hospitals don’t have the staff to handle it? with the rising number of Covid19 cases.

“we are real” in crisis,” Doug Griffin, vice president and medical officer of Sanford Health in Fargo, said at a recent briefing: with local press.

“It really is all about staff. We call regularly met staff and offer large amounts of incentives for them to work additional. … We think this is the most dire staffing situation die we ever had faced’ said Griffin.

Griffin said his hospital had at least 150 travel of hired contract nurses from other areas and “could easily accommodate 200 to 300”. more be fully staffed.

The deficiency, which he attributes mainly to burn-out, goes beyond nurses and extends to patient services, respiratory therapy and even “people who taking blood.”

“At a given moment in time, even extra money is not necessarily enough to get people until want until work additional. They have to live their lives too,” Griffin said.

During the COVID-19 peak in the fall of 2020, “it was our Super Bowl,” said Griffin, and the staff rose to meet the occasion and worked long hours trying to save patients’ lives. When the vaccines started rolling out, he said the staff thought die days were? over.

“Seeing” again, it brings back painful memories. There is a big level of frustration. Most of this people are not vaccinated. … I think a lot of the staff feel that this could have been prevented. We didn’t have to be there,” Griffin said.

Griffin said Fargo is still about two to three weeks away from the peak of coronavirus cases, but Sanford’s hospitals have reached capacity for weeks because of both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients.

Sanford’s Fargo Hospital Reduces Surgical Capacity met 30 percent in answer. doctors, in consultation with their patients, make the ultimate decisions over what procedures to postpone, but “it could be your knee replacement, your hernia surgery, even your planned heart surgery.”

All staffed IC beds are fullsaid Griffin. the average age of hospitalization, including critical care, has fallen to in the 50s, Griffin said, and 90s percent of the people included in the hospital with COVID-19 are not vaccinated.

Griffin also wailed the region’s low vaccination rate and said that the hands of the state-off approximation of plead with people getting vaccinated doesn’t work.

“We still have a landline number” of people die be anchored, die not want to get the vaccine,” Griffin said.

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