Hospitals in New York State Are Overwhelmed by an Increase in Covid Cases

Covid-19 is widely distributed in Warren County, where there are 93 cases per 100,000 population, about 5 times the rate in New York City. The virus test positivity rate is 12 percent, compared met 2 percent in New York City.

mask anyway in local stores in Glens Falls seemed unusual, even as urgent care centers and hospitals fill up with patients die find tests and appointments. Vaccination of the province rate for all residents are 72 percent, which is actually above the state average of 69 percent, but a combination of relaxed precautions, declining immunity and increased contagiousness of Delta drives business there, net as elsewhere.

“It’s so bad in this areasaid Dr. Jeremy Di Bari, a family doctor who to work for Hudson Headwaters Health Network and sees patients in Glens Falls Hospital and several urgent care centers in rural parts of Warren County. dr. Di Bari contracted Covid himself when it via his body spread familydespite being fully vaccinated. “I don’t think it will get any better,” he said. “I hope it won’t get much worse.”

Erie County, which includes Buffalo, has seen: one of the steepest rises in the state in hospital admissions in recent weeks. The Erie County Medical Center is completely… full, with waiting patients in the emergency room to be admitted. At the same time, there are 500 vacancies in the hospital, which a current work force of about 3,600, hospital administrators said.

In the same pattern as in Glens Falls, there are patients – 52 of them – who could be fired if there was only nursing homes of group homes that had space for them. While the hospital doesn’t turn away people looking for care, between 10 and 20 percent of people come to the emergency room walk out without being seen want wait times are so long, officials said.

“The Convergence” of trouble is the worst die I’ve ever seen,” said Tom Quatroche, the medical center’s chief executive officer. “We used to have these high volumes, but we could offload them to other institutions and we had the staff to handle the volume. We find ourselves in a situation where the lack of of staffing in the wider community, and in the hospital, is just creating a perfect storm.”

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